Everything Travelers Need to Know about Solo Trips

Everything Travelers Need to Know about Solo Trips

Travelling alone can be a self-indulgent experience. You can keep to your travel budget and do the things that you want to do. But solo trips do come with their own pitfalls such as safety, single supplement, loneliness, and such. The below-listed tips will help overcome the shortcomings and make your vacation a grand one.


When you are traveling alone there is no to look out for you, thereby making you vulnerable to con artists, criminals, and simple health problems! Follow the tips listed below to ensure your safety when traveling alone:

  1. Give a copy of your tour schedule to a family member or a friend and constantly update them via email or phone.
  2. Get information about the taxi fare from the airport to your hotel. Always ask about the fare before getting into the taxi. This way you are less likely to be taken for a ride.
  3. Carry more than one type of good identification and store them in different places.
  4. Verify if the hotel is open late so that you don’t end up spending the night in the car or on the road.
  5. Do what you think is best, and avoid doing things that do not seem right according to you.
  6. Always be confident. Do not wear flashy clothes or have your face perennially into a guidebook. They are dead giveaways of being a tourist.
  7. Avoid isolated areas, particularly in the night.
  8. Go through the local area map and fully acquaint yourself with the region, before leaving your hotel or the cab, etc.

Your Stay at the Hotel

Hotels usually put a single supplement charge on solo travelers, as they are not making money off the second person. There are many ways to avoid single supplement charges. One such method is to book your hotel stay with a tour provider that offers to group you with a roommate. Check out with the tour operator on the basis of such roommate matching, before booking with them.

  1. Trust everyone, but always be careful about your money. Keep it in a safe. Never hand over your money to any hotel staff, etc.
  2. If you can get up and travel at a moment’s notice, then it’s great. There are many hotels that provide the cheapest rates for last minute reservations.

Dining Tips

Dining alone can be sometimes a terrifying experience. You can, however, overcome the loneliness by chatting with waiters or waitresses and get local information about the area.

  1. Sit in the counter seat in a bar. It is the best place to meet other travelers and similar-minded people.
  2. You may also carry a book or a kindle. Thus, whenever you are feeling a little bored, you can always dig into the book. This will not only help avoid unwanted attention but will also help evade the feeling of being alone and lonely.
  3. Dining alone need not be an activity in hurry. It is important to relax and eat well. Take your time to taste the local cuisines and have your heart’s fill.


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