6 Best Places for Horseback Riding

6 Best Places for Horseback Riding

Taking a vacation doesn't just have to involve lying on a beach or visiting a museum in a different city. Some want to be active and have a great experience outdoors. For equestrian enthusiasts and folks who want to experience a touch of the cowboy's life, there's always horseback riding. Below are 6 places where you're sure to have a great time on horseback.

1. Piiholo Ranch (Maui, Hawaii)

Hawaii is normally known for its beaches, but the island of Maui is a great place for horseback riding. At Piiholo Ranch, you'll be taken on tours by the local cowboys (known as paniolo), who also provide lessons for beginners. Individual and group tours are available, taking on through eucalyptus forests, the West Maui Mountains, and the East Maui Volcano (also known as Haleakala).

2. Half Moon Cay (The Bahamas)

Few horseback tours give you the opportunity to ride along a magnificent beach. If you're up for something different when you go to the Bahamas, why not visit Half Moon Cay and take your horse for a trot along the beach? The Jamaican-trained horses are also available for a ride through the shallowest parts of the ocean, which is a rare treat for any rider or tourist. Tours are available through Carnival Cruises.

3. Canyon Trail Rides (Utah and Arizona)

This long-running franchise provides horseback tours through Zion National Park in Utah, Bryce Canyon in Arizona, and the ever-popular Grand Canyon. Guides are recruited from actual cowboys, who use their knowledge of the area to provide informative and exciting tours of beautiful rock formations that dot the American Southwest. The tour horses and mules are chosen for a gentle temperament and a solid footing on the rocky trails.

4. Biltmore Estate (Asheville, North Carolina)

Biltmore is ideal for any seasoned riders, presenting over 80 miles of horse trails through the Appalachian woods. It's also the perfect spot for anyone traveling with family and friends who aren't interested in horseback riding. They can enjoy the 250 rooms of the Biltmore Estate, which is a beautiful and well-stocked recreation of a French-style chateau and only a short distance from downtown Asheville.

5. Salamander Resort and Spa (Middleburg, Virginia)

Enjoy 340 acres of scenic fields and 14,000 square feet of stables at this Colonial-style resort. Besides offering individual and group rides across the beautiful grassy fields, Salamander hosts a special program known as Equine Connections. This seminar educates guests about horse communication and behavior without having to get in the saddle.

6. Totsonii Ranch (Canyon de Chelly, Arizona)

In the heart of the Navajo Nation in Arizona is Totsonii Ranch, where guests enjoy overnight camping trips in Canyon de Chelly and guided tours on horseback. The Navajo guides are accommodating for both beginner and experienced riders, taking them through well-maintained paths like the Bat Trail and Spider Rock.

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