Getting to Know the Biggest Hotels in Las Vegas

Getting to Know the Biggest Hotels in Las Vegas

Ask anyone about their ideal travel plans and it's guaranteed that somewhere on their list of places to see in Las Vegas. It's been described as "Disneyland for adults" and with good reason. Every hotel and casino holds enough opportunities for winning big at the card tables, going dancing at the highest-trending club, or watching an amazing live performance--sometimes all within the confines of a single hotel! Where you stay in Vegas can be the biggest decision you make when you visit. Here are 6 of the best-known and most exciting hotels you'll find there.

1. The Cosmopolitan

Although it's located very close to the city center, the Cosmopolitan can seem like a hotel that doesn't match the Vegas atmosphere. Its decor is very modern and lacks a design theme like the older and more famous hotels. But make no mistake: the Cosmopolitan is still a worthy destination for any tourist. With 13 different restaurants and 5 bars and lounges, it's geared for five-star accommodations and offers some spectacular views at a relatively good price.

2. Caesar's Palace

For nearly 50 years, Caesars Palace has lived up to its main theme; like the Roman Empire, it does everything big and with style. If you want to see the biggest arena for a show, you can try and grab one of the 4,296 seats in the Colosseum, where only the biggest stars perform. If you want to make it into a very exclusive, celebrity-oriented nightclub, then you'll want to visit Pure. And for the biggest and most lavish meals, you'll definitely want to get a table at its newest restaurant, Bacchanal.

3. The Venetian

Where the famous Sands Hotel once stood is now a 36-story replica of Venice with over 4,000 rooms available. The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino offers a blend of classic Italian architecture, contemporary culture, and modern-day fun. For the artistically minded, there's the Guggenheim Heritage Museum and the Blue Man Theatre. And if you want more entertainment and less of art, shopping, or gambling, then look no further than TAO Nightclub and TAO Beach, built along an Asian decor theme with beautiful pools, dance rooms, and private skyboxes and cabanas with all the digital gadgets you could want.

4. Bellagio

Built in a style reminiscent of a villa in Tuscany, the Bellagio is massive and offers great accommodations and entertainment. There's nothing quite so enchanting as the choreographed Fountains of Bellagio (especially when you see them at night) or a walk through the Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. When it comes to gambling, you'll be hard-pressed to find another hotel or casino that doesn't offer so many chances for a good game of poker. Bellagio is famous for its high-stakes poker room, known to its regulars as "The Office."

5. The Wynn

What's fascinating about the Wynn is how its interior can feel both luxurious and intimate at the same time. That's partly due to its rich black-and-gold design. While the Wynn has fewer rooms than other hotels, it makes up for the limited space with an abundance of high-class stores, restaurants, and theaters. You won't want to miss the chance for a drink at Parasol Down or an opportunity to play at the Wynn Golf and Country Club, the only golf course in Vegas.

6. The Palazzo

Not only is the Palazzo one of the newest hotels to open on the Las Vegas Strip, but it also the tallest completed structure in the state of Nevada. This monolith holds over 3,000 rooms with high-class accommodations. Guests enter through the lobby, which sits under a 60-foot-wide glass dome and features a two-story fountain. Besides the impressive Palazzo Casino, you can also find top-name brands like Ralph Lauren and Jimmy Choo inside the Palazzo. Being partnered with the Venetian, it's no surprise that everything here is coated with a tasteful Italian flair.

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