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The Occasional Cocktail: The Negroni at Mauro Negroni Club in Munich, Germany

The Occasional Cocktail: The Negroni at Mauro Negroni Club in Munich, Germany

The Negroni cocktail is a mixed drink with a storied, century-old history that really deserves a Hollywood adaptation. The Negroni is made by mixing equal measures of Campari, sweetened vermouth rosso, gin and toping it off with an orange wedge or peel garnish. The origin story of the Negroni goes all the way back to 1919 Florence, Italy.

Who was Count Camillo Negroni?

Count Camillo Negroni was an adventuring aristocrat who enjoyed adventure travel and becoming immersed in different cultures. He was hard drinking and was working as a rodeo clown in an American western-themed show around this time. (I am not making this up.) One of his usual cocktails was a drink known as the Americano, which was a cocktail made with equal measures of Campari, vermouth Rosso and club soda. While dining in the Caffe Casoni in Florence, Negroni asked his bartender to make a version of the Americano cocktail with a much stronger taste. The bartender switched out the club soda, replaced it with gin and then topped it off with an orange garnish to differentiate the Americano from this newly created, ad-hoc cocktail. Negroni took such a liking to the new drink that he had it named after himself.

What to Find?

The cocktail, while known in Europe, didn’t explode onto the global cocktail culture scene, especially in the West, until the first decade of the 21st century. The company behind the Campari aperitif launched a Negroni-themed public marketing strategy in 2009 that made the drink much more visible in cocktail culture and the alcohol business in general. The Mauro Negroni Club in Munich, Germany is a bar and restaurant entirely themed after the Negroni cocktail. Owner Mauro Mahjoub is a certified bartending authority and expert who likes the drink so much that the he serves over 15 different versions of the Negroni in his bar. The Negroni Al Volo, for example, features equal measures of Campari, vermouth rosso, Absinthe, Hedrick’s Gin and tomato juice. So the next time you find yourself in Munich, head over to the Mauro Negroni Club to sip a drink that has a more interesting background and origin history than most people. Someone should seriously make a film based on the Negroni. It would be riveting.


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