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Now the Food lovers do not go to New England for a good lobster

New Yorkers has plenty of delicious, cheap and quick ways to eat in the street when they don’t cook or do not have much time to cook. Street food becomes favorable of food lovers and more like an annual award for them and as much as an enduring icon as Central Park or Empire state building. There are thousands of vendors from the 18th century Oyster hawkers to the 20th century of the food truck on the sidewalk throughout the boroughs.

The Vendy award is one of the first street food event and competition, often cited as the Oscar of the street food world” series held between the most popular sidewalk chef in the New York City and a fundraiser to support the street vendor Project in the USA.A team of judges score the finalists and decide the winner of the prestigious “Vendy Cup”. The Vendy promote small business, food culture and raising funds for the legal aids, advocacy and loan access for street vendors.

The Big Red Hook Lobster Pound

Thanks to Big Red hook lobster pound on the wheel, despite a price tag high for the streets – the truck sells between 300-400 rolls within every two hours. During lunchtime Bessie, milk truck’s is a welcome sight for hungry New Yorkers. Every day constantly, the truck cheerful staffs serving American comfort foods like cheese and turkey chili. They have three variations: the classic, the classic with onion and mustard and a cheese version with apple. Grilled cheese sandwich is the most popular item of the milk truck. Among the Street food vendor, it has become a fixture in the New York City.

Lumpia Shack

Lumpia Shack still maintains their original location at Brooklyn’s Smorgasbord street food market though upgraded their own brick-and-mortar. Unlike regular street food, each plate of Lumpia Shack has restaurant quality. Each spring roll is made using sourced ground pork, roasted duck or truffled adobo mushrooms and arranged artfully on a tray and drizzled with sauce and garnished with pea shoots and pickled vegetables.

Dirty Water Dogs

Dirty water dogs are the most iconic street food of New York, almost every other Manhattan street corner is dressed up everywhere with the blue and yellow striped sabrett umbrella under which the dirty water dog, soaked in salt water and served in a soft bun and topped with ketchup, mustard, onion. It is neither sophisticated nor gourmet. On the streets of Brooklyn, traditional Bolivian staples street food can be enjoyed at the Smorgasburg stall. The Saltenas are savory pastries filled with beef, pork or chicken are the most selling items. A dish called Sanduiche de Chola comes stuffed with either roasted pork or beef and seasoned with salsa and vegetables.

Bagel and Coffee

Bagel and coffee from a street cart is the cheapest and authentic breakfast you will get in New York. In spite of having terrific brick-and-mortar bagel shops, every morning locals make beeline for the nearest silver breakfast cart, whose shelves are full of bagels and pastries of every kind. Carts mostly prepare bagel on order and coffee is served in small blue and white cups, which have become the characteristics of the New York as yellow cabs and dirty water dogs

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