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The Sexiest New Hideaway On Lake Como

Glamourous Lake Como, Italy has once served as home to a number of celebrities including (but not limited to) actor George Clooney, diplomat John Kerry, and singer, songwriter, and performer Madonna. In fact, all three have owned property there. Still, despite all the sophistication and shimmer, there was no really stylish place for tourists to stay.


Ah, but that was before Il Sereno Lago di Como. Designed by the famous, Milan-based architect Patricia Urquiola, the new Il Sereno Lago di Como sits on the edge of a cliff in the tranquil lakeside commune of Tomo, Italy. Urquiola is credited with being able to blend this modern building into the rather picturesque village. It is the first luxury hotel to open there in decades. Il Sereno Lago di Como provides a contemporary and sleek alternative to the older, historic “grande dames” along the shore. It has received critical acclaim for the surrounding enchanting scenery, the hotel’s inspiring design and the delicious food served there.


Surrounded by memorably elegant mesh copper walls, there is a noteworthy staircase which dominates the residential-style, airy lobby. Each individual wood step looks as if it is actually suspended in midair. There is presently a total of 30 lakefront suites. The smallest of these is 700 square feet. They sport all natural materials including al ceppo di Gré stone, bronze and walnut wood. Each suite features “floor-to-ceiling windows” and verandas that all come complete with unobstructed views of the water, the mountains and even beyond. Guests have described the suites as being spacious, modern and beautiful. The Il Sereno Lago di Como was designed with refinement in mind. Consider the details not only of the building itself but the guest services. The reportedly friendly staff even leaves special, custom silk scarves for all the guests as pillow gifts.


The staff even don’t skimp on maintaining the 18-acre grounds either. No expense was spared. Renowned French botanist Patrick Blanc was brought in to work his magic on the scenery. He came up with a unique design that included a pair of vertical gardens that in some places are as high as 35 feet. He also brought in a “green sculpture” which includes approximately 3,000 different species of plants. There are also specific pedestrian pathways amidst the immaculately-maintained gardens.


The Il Sereno Lago di Como also has a 60-foot lakefront swimming pool. A small beach there allows guests to access the lake itself. They also have access to a trio of custom-built Cantiere Ernesto Riva wood motorboats. The boats were designed and constructed by the Riva family. They have been hand-making their sea-faring vessels in the neighboring village of Laglio since the year 1771. They can be used for various trips to the different villages that surround the lake. It is the most glamorous way to travel to the famous Bellagio for dinner.

Last Words

Il Sereno Lago di Como’s indoor-outdoor Ristorante Berton Al Lago is overseen by none other than chef Andrea Berton, whose trio of restaurants in Milan have garnered four Michelin stars among them. The menu of this relaxed restaurant makes use of the nearby district regions. They serve various fish and herbs from the lake, and cheeses, meats, and wines from the Valtellina mountains. As they say in Italy: Visita e mangiare e divertirsi!

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