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The Monastery of the Holy Trinity

Are you a spiritual person?  Are you looking to get closer to your Supreme Being of choice?  Maybe you just like to visit cool, odd places when you go on vacation?  If any of that is true, then have we got a place for you!


Numerous online sources indicate religious groups had set up hermitages at the foot of the cliffs by Meteora sometime in the 11th century. People began building monasteries on the top of the cliffs by Meteora as early as some time in the 14th century.  It was then that a man named John Uros, the emperor of the Greeks and Serbs, chose to become a monk. He relocated to Meteora.  Meteora is Greek for “suspended in the air”.  Meteora is mainly made up of various cliffs and rock formations.  Experts say that they are more than 60 million years old. After settling at that location Uros founded monasteries there.  Upsets in the political climate of the century would regularly end monks retreating to the relative safety of the cliffs there.  The first monk to arrive at the future site of Holy Trinity Monastery was named Dometius. The locals say he arrived in 1438.  Multiple sources indicate the Holy Trinity was erected from 1475 to 1476.  It is unclear however when specific parts were actually constructed.  


The architecture is of course also of special interest.  The shape is in the form of a cross.  The adjoining chapel of St. John the Baptist was actually carved into the mountain rock. As the 15th century drew to a close, two dozen monasteries, including the now famous Holy Trinity Monastery, had arisen.  The nearby St. Nicholas Anapafsas Monastery and St. Barbara Rousanou is also said to be noteworthy.  Parthenios, Jonah, and Damascene have their names on the monastery walls,  These three were given that honor because they were a trio of benefactors who helped restore the buildings. The three above-named monasteries are three of the half a dozen that still remain active, occupied and open to anyone and everyone today.  The Holy Trinity Monastery was once the home of more than 50 Eastern Orthodox monks.  Today only 5 monks live there. The other neighboring monasteries are St. Stephen, Varlaam, and the Great Meteoron.  The six monasteries make up the official UNESCO World Heritage Site otherwise known as simply Meteora.  They were acknowledged thusly in 1988.


It’s called the Monastery of the Holy Trinity or the Holy Trinity Monastery.  Located in central Greece, more than 400 meters above the popular sea, is the Eastern Orthodox known as the Holy Trinity Monastery.  Also known as Agia Triada, Ayías Triádhos, and Ayia Triada, it reportedly has a six century-long and counting history.

Wrapping Up

Holy Trinity's decoration was mainly added sometime in 1741.  To this day the diverse and detailed frescos of the monasteries are kept well preserved.  The Holy Trinity Monastery has been a really hot tourist spot ever since being seen in the 1981 James Bond (007) motion picture For Your Eyes Only. This family-friendly site is open to tourists almost any time.  Those who have previously visited The Holy Trinity Monastery state that anyone who is truly interested in architecture, landscapes, works of art and just experiencing a bit of European history should definitely put this place on their “Must See” List.

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