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Dine at the Labassin Waterfall Restaurant in the Philippines

People will go long distances to be entertained or to have a one-of-kind restaurant experience. Some people will travel great distances because a famous chef is cooking in a particular restaurant. There are some restaurants at the top of skyscrapers that create an irresistible attraction for patrons.

The changing Dine-out trends

Nowadays, the atmosphere, the ambiance the vibe of the restaurant is just as important as the restaurant itself, if not more. Great food is not always enough. Nowadays a restaurant has to have a gimmick, view or amenity that cannot be replicated anywhere else. Especially when it comes to pleasing international travelers who want to be impressed and have bragging rights for their stories back home. That said, people will cross oceans and continents regularly for food and an experience that speaks to them or impresses them personally. How far would you travel for the sake of dining in a particular restaurant? How far would you go to dine under a waterfall? While you can go look at the Niagara Falls after you dine, you can’t actually dine under the falls. You would have to travel to the Philippines. But it would be worth every mile of distance you would have to traverse to get there.

The Labassin

Labassin is a restaurant owned by the Villa Escudero Resort company that rests at the foot of a man-made waterfall. The waterfall serves two purposes in reality. It provides hydro-electric generated power for a nearby coconut plantation as well as providing a beautiful dining atmosphere for patrons at Labassin.

The Restaurant experience

You will have to endure a low-level Jason Bourne-type journey just to get to Labassin. Diners are exclusively brought into the restaurant by buffalo-driven carts and wagons. There is no dress code at Labassin. You also have to not mind being wet all of the time. As you will be dining in proximity to the base of a real waterfall, expect to be drenched from head to toe and to walk around in ankle or calf-deep water. After your meal, you can take a tour of a nearby jungle trail or visit local museums. The food is of the gourmet quality level and represents some of the finest cuisines that the Philippines offers. There are people who have traveled long distances to buy a particular flavor of potato chips.

Last Few words

The experience should not cost you more than USD $100. You can arrange to be picked up from your hotel just so long as it is located within the greater Metro Manila area. Labassin is located in Tiaong. If you pride yourself on eating at one-of-a-kind and unique restaurants, especially after traveling thousands of miles to do so, then you should consider patronizing Labassin. And it’s located under a waterfall! There’s that too.

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