The Occasional Cocktail - The Vincent at Bernards Bar in The Waldorf Astoria Chicago

The Occasional Cocktail - The Vincent at Bernards Bar in The Waldorf Astoria Chicago

Bernards Bar is a high end luxury establishment that is dedicated to offering professional service in an environment of class and elegance.

Bernards is what is known as a boite, which is an old-world Parisian term referencing a nightclub or other in-style and hip gathering spot. Bernards serve smaller portion meals on smaller-sized plates, which is a proprietary trademark of a boite.

This 34-seat bar features walls that are lined with suede fabric and velvet upholstered couches. The walls of bar are adorned with the charcoal sketches and artistic drawing of Chicago-area artist Francine Turk.

The serves a full array of vintage-era and contemporary cocktail, which is a specialty service of Bernards Bar. You can also order wine, spirits and an assortment of domestic, international and craft beers.

Coinciding with the recent opening of a Vincent Van Gogh at exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago, the food and bar staff at Bernards developed a Van Gogh-inspired cocktail in honor of the artist and exhibition.

The Vincent Van Gogh Cocktail, also known simply as, “The Vincent,” is created by mixing measures of yellow chartreuse, potato vodka, absinthe and lemon juice. A swath of lemon rind

Tops the drink as a garnish.

The potato vodka is added as a homage to one of Van Gogh’s most famous works of art, “The Potato Eaters.” Absinthe, an old-world spirit, was a favored drink of the acclaimed artist.

Bernards Bar is located on the second floor of the famed Waldorf Astoria Chicago hotel.


A. A. Francis


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