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London's first naked dining resturant creates a huge buzz with its 30,000 plus waiting list

London's first naked dining resturant creates a huge buzz with its 30,000 plus waiting list

Well well, this pop-up restaurants’ going to take the cake, cream and everything else when it comes to stirring a buzz among diners even before its official launch. And it’s not surprising, considering Buniyadi is London’s first nudist restaurant that encourages diners to get back to their most primitive roots.

Though it has the capacity to seat only 42 diners, the restaurant’s email waiting list is flooded with almost 30,000 plus diners waiting to be a part of London’s nudist dining history. Lollipop, the company behind London’s very successful Breaking Bad bar is helming this sensation in the making venture.

In keeping with the eatery’s “back to nature” theme, clothing will be optional and its premises will be free of phones, other gadgets and electric lights. The aim to keep people free from the trappings of the industrialized world, while they savor a meal in a minimalist, earthy setting.

Among other things, diners can look forward to relishing wood-flamed grilled treats presented on handcrafted clay crockery, sitting on wood furniture (complete with wicker and bamboo partitions) and dining under a cover of candle lights.

The more pedantic diners can still enjoy Bunyadi’s down to earth charm by seating themselves in the “clothed” section of the restaurant.  This London hotspot aims to complete your “naked food experience” with changing rooms, handy gowns and safes. Photography, obviously, will not be permitted.  Its location remains to be revealed yet to keep the curiosity factor intact.

Priced at $95-100 per person for food and drinks, patrons will be served both vegan and non-vegan delicacies by semi-nude waiters to experience a true feeling of liberation that is devoid of processed food and modern technology. Bunyadi is slated to open in June for a period of three months. Grab a booking if you haven’t already.

Time to chuck evolution and get back to our most primal instincts!


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