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Miami Fine Dining Meets Automotive Art: Miami Supercar Rooms

Do you know someone who pampers, lovingly maintains and cares for their car just a little too much? Do they handle their automobile with a sense of emotional sensitivity and fragility that would be more appropriate with actual human beings? The United States is a car-worshipping culture.  

Miami Supercar Rooms

Miami Supercar Rooms is a 15,000 square-foot gallery space that has been converted into a truly unique restaurant experience. The restaurant-meets-art-museum experience is a truly collaborative business venture, as Elo has also invited local Miami car enthusiasts, restauranteurs and nightclubs to also participate in the venture. There are multiple 6-person eating areas comprising the Miami Supercar Rooms’ indoor and outdoor dining rooms. More than 2 dozen rare cars envelop the dining areas so that diners can appreciate the aesthetic beauty of the cars while they dine. The automotive rarities on display at the Miami Supercar Rooms are on loan from either the London Motorcar Museum and/or the personal collections of local Miami car enthusiasts.

Featured Automobiles

Featured automobiles on display at Miami Supercar Rooms include, but are not limited to:

  1. 1929 Rolls-Royce Bootch.
  2. A 1953 Lamborghini tractor, which is an extremely rare vehicle. Only 3 such vehicles are currently known to exist on planet Earth.
  3. 1955 SL 300 Mercedes Benz Gullwing.
  4. 1955 Fratelli Ferrari motorcycle.
  5. 1958 450S Maserati. Only nine such vehicles are known to have been manufactured between the years 1956 and 1958.
  6. A 1981 DeLorean DMC-12 in pristine, original condition. The car was immortalized and cemented into the pop culture zeitgeist by its use in the Back to the Future trilogies.
  7. A 1988 white-colored Ferrari Testarossa. This is actually one of the cars used on the classic TV show Miami Vice.
  8. A 2007 Shelby Supercar Ultimate Aero TT, arguably considered to be one the fastest cars ever made.
  9. A 2007 ETV or, “Extra-Terrestrial Vehicle,” a special prototype vehicle made for use in the Will Smith sci-fi film I, Robot.

Other Notable Car Collections on Display

Jay Leno’s Garage

Noted celebrity, comedian, and renowned car enthusiast Jay Leno own a personal car collection that features over 130 cars, 90 motorcycles and a plethora of automobile-related accessories and memorabilia. Leno makes an effort to drive every car and motorcycle he owns whenever he gets the chance. He created the car enthusiast show, “Jay Leno’s Garage,” to showcase his cars in action and to interview other like-minded car enthusiasts. He has even gone on record to say that he believes that, “show cars,” are silly and that cars were created to be driven. (Which is a good thing. Otherwise, Leno would probably spend his golden years rapidly getting into and out of every vehicle he owns in a rapid and never-ending fashion.) In fact, Elo has even started a Miami-based restaurant venture with a business model that calls for matching a car museum environment with a gourmet restaurant vibe. Elo wants the dining public to eat a fine, multi-course gourmet meal and drink wine at a table surrounded by an exhibition gallery of antique, specialty and extremely rare cars.

London Motorcar Museum

However, the car exhibition business is very big business indeed. Take the London Motorcar Museum. It is an automotive art gallery that features over 250 automotive rarities that are strictly on display for aesthetic viewing. The museum is owned by British entrepreneur Elo, who is also a former fashion model and clothing designer. Elo is an extremely passionate car lover and collector. Unlike Leno, however, Elo believes that there is nothing wrong with staring at a muscle car or an automotive rarity as though it were a painting.

Wrapping Up

The DJ booth is a converted 1971 Chevy C30 pickup truck. Miami Supercar Rooms employs the hottest and most popular club DJs from local clubs to play music while patrons dine. The menu is changed monthly. Miami Supercar Rooms invites a local Miami chef to maintain a month-long residency to personally cater the menu and oversee restaurant operations. There are 5 hours of open-bar available during dining hours as well. Each 6-person table is assigned an “associate,” who is a person who will be available throughout the entirety of the meal to answer questions about the meals or the cars on display. Miami Supercar Rooms only takes reservations for parties of 6 for their $3,000-per-table reservations. During the day, Miami Supercar Rooms operates as an admission-free lounge and café.

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