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Where to Find the Best Burgers in Chicago

Where to Find the Best Burgers in Chicago

When you think of food in Chicago, you think of two things: deep dish and hot dogs. Chicagoans are very serious when it comes to their pizza and dogs (do not ever ask to put ketchup on a Chicago dog). And Chicagoans have good reason to be proud of their pizza and dogs. There’s no better place to get a sizzling deep dish pie or a mouth-watering sausage on a bun. But Chicago has a whole world of food outside of pizza and dogs that’s worth a try. You just might be surprised by what you find. One thing Chicago does particularly well if the joint mate of the hot dog: burgers. Nothing fancy, just simple joints with finger-lickin' good burger.

Butcher & the Burger

This burger counter that doubles as a butcher shop on West Armitage have a throwback feel to it. There is a nostalgia aspect that went into putting this place together. The burgers are DIY. You choose from a selection of meats as your patty base, then choose your rub from a selection of housemade, natural seasoning mixes, your toppings, including anything from the standard LT to foie gras, and your bun. Then your individually crafted burger is charbroiled in front of your eyes. Your meal is not complete without dessert. Make sure to try some of B&B’s homemade frozen custard that really makes this place stand out.

Edzo’s Burger Shop

A trip up north to Evanston will lead you to this small establishment modeled after a Vienna beef dive but with a much more upscale product. The meat is cut and ground on site each day. The burgers are simple but tasty. The fries are hand cut and cooked twice. The menu has everything from traditional to garlic to cheese to buffalo fries, but your best bet is the truffle fries. Edzo’s true specialty is the milkshakes. Made with vanilla ice cream and blended with milk and toppings in an old-fashioned spindle machine that gives them a thick and creamy texture, the crowd favorite is the Nutella Shake. Speaking of, you're guaranteed to wait in a long line at Edzo’s, but a new location in Lincoln Park recently opened up and the original has extended it hours giving you more chances to eat the fine burger.

DMK Burger Bar

A wide selection of signature grass-fed burgers is on the menu. The menu is constantly changing with the 365 Nacho Burger just being swapped out for the Cajun Burger. Space is a little more upscale than the previous two joints with a great selection of drinks to go with your burger and fries and a nice atmosphere. Try the fried pickles. BMKBB is in Lakeview, but a new place DMK Burgers & Fish recently opened up in Evanston and is a mashup of their burger and fish joints, where you can get a #1 burger with aged cheddar, smoked bacon, balsamic braised red onions, and barbecue sauce or opt for the cod sandwich.

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