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The 20 Best Sports Arena Eats in the U.S.

The 20 Best Sports Arena Eats in the U.S.

Take me out to the ball game! But buy me something a little better than peanuts and cracker jack’s, please. Sports arenas used to be the place where you could buy processed, gooey cheese on top of some tortilla chips and call them nachos or greasy reheated pizza or hot dogs that you really didn’t want to know what was in them. But now there are many more dining options available in sports stadiums, including outposts of some of the top restaurants in the country and local favorite foods. Some arenas you come to for more than just the game. You also come for a culinary experience. Here are some of the best sports arenas for food in the U.S. and what you can find there to eat.

Target Field

Home of the Minnesota Twins baseball team in Minneapolis, this stadium is just a few years old but has some of the best eats available. The stadium puts a premium on local foods. Incarnations of popular Minneapolis and St. Paul restaurants have made a new home at the fieldhouse, including J.D. Hoyt’s (get the pork chops), Murray’s (for steak sandwiches), Loon Cafe (chili), Mac’s Fish and Chips (crisp, breaded walleye), Kramarczuk Sausage company (bratwurst), AZ Canteen (lamb and goat burger), Lunds & Byerly’s (wild rice soup) , Killebrew (root beer float) and Twins Pub (Surly Furious ale).

Cowboys Stadium

The massive home of the Dallas Cowboys in Arlington Texas also houses some of the best barbecue joints. Get the brisket sandwich at Bent Buckle Smokehouse BBQ. The stadium also has its share of classic Tex-Mex. Try the carnitas tacos and the barbacoa burritos at Vaqueros. Clubs have a great green-chili Kobe burger. And if you’re in the mood for more traditional stadium fare, there are still over 40 nacho carts to choose from. A stadium staple is the Cowboyrita, a 16-ounce frozen margarita, available at multiple concession stands throughout the stadium.

Citi Field

The new home of the New York Mets serves up a whopping 50 more food and drink options than its predecessor. There are plenty of gourmet options from notable chefs, including Shake Shack (burgers, fries, and you guessed it, shakes), Blue Smoke, El Verano Taqueria (soft tacos and Mexican style corn on the cob), Pasternack (lobster rolls, clam chowder, and crab cake sandwiches), and Pat LaFrieda’s Chophouse and Steak Sandwich (Citi Field burger).

Barclay’s Center

The new home of the new Brooklyn Nets, this place is on the cutting edge of stadium food. Filled with local Brooklyn eateries, this stadium is a true hometown food destination. Go to Calexico for fish tacos, Fatty ‘Cue for pulled pork sandwiches, and Brooklyn Bangers for brisket hot dogs.

Safeco Field

The Seattle Mariners baseball team’s stadium has updated its food options, including Hamburger + Frites, La Creperie, and Home Run Porch (carne asada tortillas), while still maintaining some of its classics, Ivar’s (the Ivar Dog, a fried cod fillet sandwich). The stadium also has healthy food options, including Ichi rolls sushi, organic smoothies, and veggie hot dogs.

CenturyLink Field

Seattle makes the list again with the home of the Seattle Sounders soccer team and the Super Bowl champs Seattle Seahawks. Mac and Cheese at Beecher’s Handmade Cheese, Uli’s Famous Sausage, Craft House, and other Pike Place Market favorites are among the top spots.

Madison Square Garden

One of the most famous sports arenas in the world and home of New York sports teams in 3 different sports leagues, MSG has completely revamped its dining options. There’s Andrew Carmellini’s Sausage Boss (bratwurst topped with weinkraut), Drew Nieporent’s Daily Burger (bacon and onion jam instead of ketchup), Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s Simply Chicken, and the Garden Pub.

Turner Field

The Atlanta Braves’ stadium has H&F Burger, an offshoot of the infamous Holeman & Finch Public house, home of the most sought after burger in Atlanta. But make sure to make a burger reservation if you want to get your hands on one of these double-deckers. Can’t get in at H&F. Go to Kevin Rathbun Steak or Tomahawk Tavern.

Oriole Park at Camden Yards

The Baltimore stadium that is home to baseball’s Orioles is known as a trendsetter in regional stadium cuisine. There are plenty of seafood options, including Charm City Seafood (Maryland crab cake sandwiches), Dempsey’s Brew Pub and Restaurant (Maryland rockfish tacos), and Stuggy’s (mac and cheese and crab meat topped hot dogs).

Miller Park

The home of the Milwaukee Brewers is the place to go for bratwurst and hot dogs. Go to Klement’s for chorizo. IF you’re in the mood for something a little different, head to Ribbie’s Cafe for beer-can chicken. And of course, this stadium is known for its beers, as it’s namesake would suggest. Try the midwestern bres at one of the many Bar Carts throughout the stadium.

RFK Memorial Stadium

Perhaps not the most well known stadium, as it is home to Major League Soccer’s DC United, RFK has an eclectic mix of food offerings, ranging from the more traditional stadium fare to jerk chicken, pupusas, carne asada, El Salvadorian sausage (Logan’s sausage), spiedies (Bada Bing), and oyster and catfish po’boys.

Minute Maid Park

Home of the Houston Astros, the stadium also houses two of celebrity chef Bryan Caswell’s restaurants, El Real (a chorizo wrap called the Freddy Fender) and Little Bigs ( a half pound burger called the Caz GrandSlam). Prince’s Hamburgers has milkshakes made with Blue Bell ice cream.  

Heinz Field

What do you expect to get at the home of the Pittsburgh Steelers? That’s right, cheesesteaks. And you will at Primanti Brothers, where you can also get the Capicola and Cheese, a sandwich filled with everything including your side of fries.

New Meadowlands Stadium

The home of football’s New York Jets and Giants is a new fieldhouse. Try the peppers and eggs, roast pork with provolone, Italian hot dogs, Taylor pork rolls, or the meatball hoagie.

Arrowhead Stadium

Barbecue is the name of the game at the home of the Kansas City Chiefs. There’s Kansas City Style Barbecue (Chief’s Brisket Stack), Fiorella’s Jack Stack (burnt ends), and Tailgate grills.

At&T Park

The stadium of baseball’s San Francisco Giants has great pulled pork sandwiches and Humphry Slocombe ice cream at Public House, famous Gilroy garlic fries, and gourmet tacos at Mijita.

FirstEnergy Stadium

People definitely come here more for the food than for the home team Cleveland Browns. Fans can be cheered up by the Carnegie Dip at Sawyer’s Street Frites or the Fat Doug burger topped with pastrami and the Vanilla Bean Apple Pie Bacon Shake at B Spot.

Lucas Oil Stadium

Indiana is home to the Indianapolis Colts and pork. You come for the game, but you stay for the fried pork-tenderloin sandwiches, pork-shank lollipops (yeah you heard me right), and the pork pooper (think jalapeno poppers but with pork inside).

Yankee Stadium

A lot of people come to the home of the New York Yankees, so the food better is good. And it is. Go to Brother Jimmy’s barbecue, Johnny Rockets, of Beers of the World. Try the cheesy garlic fries or the Lobel’s prime rib.

Kauffman Stadium

When the Royals’ home stadium was renovated, it cut back on seats but added 150 more eateries. Now we know where priorities lie. It’s Kansas City, so of course, barbecue is the number one dining option (numbers 2, 3, 4, and so on). All-Star Barbecue has prime rib, brisket, and pork sandwiches, as well as barbecue baked potatoes. The All-Star BBQ hot dog, not to be confused with the restaurant, is served at the Dugout Doghouse.


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