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New York: Home to Many Great Dining Experiences

New York: Home to Many Great Dining Experiences

The New York City region is home to many great dining experiences. People come here from all over the world to visit the city and sample many area restaurants. Luckily, you don't always have to spend a lot to get a great meal here. New York City is home to many vibrant and inexpensive places where anyone can have a fabulous and completely unique meal.


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One of the oldest kinds of food in the New York City area is the Jewish deli. Jewish delis have served customers local Jewish specialties for many decades. Typical foods include that are found at a local area deli include pickles, matzo ball soup, potato pancakes, potato knishes, sandwiches overflowing with pastrami and chocolate babka. The classic New York pickle is a full sour pickle. Diners are also given half sours and pickles that aren't sour at all.

Matzo Ball Soup

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Matzo ball soup is a chicken soup made with dill with one or more large dumplings placed in the soup as it is served. A potato knish is a mashed potato pastry surrounded by a soft crust. Knishes are sold on many street corners in New York as well as in restaurants. A knish may include other filings as well as potatoes such as barley and cheese. Knishes are typically eaten with mustard but ketchup is sometimes allowed as well. Potato pancakes, thick, crisp grated potato patties, are also served in many delis. They can be eaten an appetizer or a main course. Pastrami, along with corned beef, is served hot usually with a local, spicy brown mustard on freshly prepared rye bread.

Expect to find a large sandwich in many places. Often, a single half is enough for an entire meal. Many places provide a combination of meats in the sandwich or sandwiches that consist of half pastrami and half corned beef. Chocolate babka is a thick local cake layered with chocolate. It can be served hot or cold as desired. Classic deli style cuisine is offered at many local delis. Perhaps the most famous (and best) area delis are Katz's, the Second Avenue Deli and the Carnegie Deli. Each deli offers takeout as well as seating.

New York Style Pizza

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Another favored local area delicacy is New York style pizza. New York-style pizza is typically a flat slice of pizza with a thin crust, topped with fresh tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, olive oil and bits of fresh basil. New York-style pizza is widely available in the region both by the slice and by an entire pie. It may be topped with pepperoni or sausage. The New York hot dog is another ubiquitous local snack. New York style hotdogs are usually served boiled. The hot dog is then topped with the toppings of the user's choice. Most locals like mustard. Many will also opt for sauerkraut as well.


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