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The Healthy US Traveler: 3 Healthy Restaurants to Try When You Hit the States

The Healthy US Traveler: 3 Healthy Restaurants to Try When You Hit the States

As a country known for supersized meals and sky-rocketing obesity rates, the US of A isn’t exactly the epitome of healthy eating. Be that as it may, though, don’t let America’s not-so-healthy reputation hinder you from touring in the states. Because while fast food restaurant chains and highly indulgent food establishments are rampant, there is also a growing number of places that promote healthy eating. People in the US are starting to realize the value of promoting healthy habits and more and more health-centric restaurants are emerging. Below is a list of some of those establishments:

Café Gratitude

While this restaurant is known for raw food, Café Gratitude actually offers both raw and cooked dishes. But regardless of how you want to your meals presented, all the things on Café Gratitude’s menu have a few important things in common: they’re all organic, vegan, and more importantly, they are the freshest and most healthy foods available. Café Gratitude has locations in Kansas City, MO, Venice, CA, Santa Cruz, CA, Berkeley, CA, and Los Angeles, CA. The menu will vary depending on the location, so each dining experience is definitely unique.

Help Yourself

Located in Key West, FL, Help Yourself stands by its motto, “Food as it should be” by only serving meals with the best ingredients. Help Yourself believes that meals should be served as naturally as possible, which is it why it stays away from food or ingredients that contain additives, unnatural chemicals, and anything that alters their growth or production. This establishment doesn’t compromise and it maintains the utmost respect and responsibility for the environment. Help Yourself has high standards when it comes to dealing with the sustainability of food sources, how they do business with suppliers, how they handle waste, and of course, how they treat customers. With regards to the foods that they serve, you’ll be pleased to learn that Help Yourself offers a variety of salads (there’s Mexican, Super Spinach, and Indian Summer, just to name a few…), hot plates (such as curry, Korean BBQ, Mighty Marinara, and more.) Craving for superfoods? Try their Asian Zucchini Noodles, or their healthy version of lasagna, that contains layers of zucchini, brazil nut meat, pesto, and more. On the go? Try any of their energizing wraps to satisfy your cravings or get a load of their power breakfasts selection.

Candle 79

The food in this classy New York restaurant comes straight from real farms. Known as “NYC’s premiere vegan oasis,” Candle 79 serves scrumptious dishes that only come from organic, local, and seasonal ingredients. Grab a table here and enjoy yummy lunch dishes such as their Wild Mushroom-Squash Risotto, Black Bean-Pumpkin Seed Burger, Seitan Piccata, and more. For dinner, Candle 79 offers an array of options, including the delicious Chanterelle Crusted Tofu, Live Zucchini Enchiladas, Spaghetti and Wheat Balls, and so much more. On a gluten-free diet? Candle 79 has you covered. Try their Moroccan Spiced Chickpea Cake or Pomegranate-Chipotle Grilled Tempeh. Also be sure to ask about their eco cocktails and organic wines and beers.

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