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Famous Dishes to Eat Around the World

Famous Dishes to Eat Around the World

You have heard it from your friends and family when they go overseas, “You’ve got to try the _____.” You’ve probably seen it on countless travel with some celebrity chef who went on a quest to find that “one signature dish”. There are plenty of places in the world that serve that one signature and this article will help you find them.

London, England: Fish and Chips

Even though London and the rest of Great Britain have the best selection of Indian food, Fish and Chips to some is the quintessential British dish. The battered fish, chips and sometimes garnished with green peas is one of the ultimate comfort foods in England. Serve in simple shops and stands, fish and chips are a very sought after dish for travelers. There are plenty of places in London to sit down and have fish and chips served in a newspaper. But one spot claims to serve the “world’s best” fish and chips and they just might be right. The Golden Hind in Marylebone, Central London is a complete hole-in-the-wall where you might find a few “limey blokes”. But what you will find here is “fast-and-easy” service where you can actually bring in your own alcohol.

Vienna, Austria: The Sacher Torte

In the city center of Vienna, where everything is laid out so well, the Hotel Sacher is an elegant, Victorian-era hotel that has become a landmark. Across from the Grand Opera House, the Hotel Sacher also houses another Vienna staple -- the Sacher Torte. It has become one of the reasons why the hotel has become a tourist destination. The beloved Sacher Torte is simply a chocolate cake. Specifically, it is two layers of chocolate sponge cake filled with apricot jam in the middle. It is then covered with thick chocolate icing and can be topped with whipped cream. The taste is rich and it combines sweet and semi-sweet into a dish loved by the residents of the city.

Seoul, Korea: Jokbal

Some foods are just considered more of a dare than a dish. But jokbal when you first get an idea of what it is sounds daring to eat. But the more you know about it and how it is prepared, it sounds more enticing. Jokbal is simply pig’s feet that has been boiled for several hours in a broth of garlic, soy sauce, and ginger. The best servings of this dish can be found in the Jangchung-Dong district in Seoul. In this university district, there are plenty of Korean staples like barbecue and noodle houses, but you can find plenty of stands and restaurant that serve pig’s feet. And when you find a place, you’ll find out that jokbal is a delicious, savory dish.

Wrapping Up

The world is full of many signature dishes; In your travels, eating these treats can be an even lasting memory than the pictures you take. Taste is a sense that can sometimes be stronger than the others. You can never forget the smell of jokbal broth or the texture of fish and chips or the sweetness of the Sacher Torte. But wherever you go in the world, savor the regional and famous dishes of the area.

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