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Top Bars in the US 2018 - Part 1

Top Bars in the US 2018 - Part 1

What makes any bar - the best in the region? Is it the feeling of carelessness that the place evokes in your mind or is it the eclectic ensemble of people and cocktails that woo you away? Mysteries aside, here are some of the top bars that you need to visit in the US in 2018. Take a look.

Atlanta - Ticonderoga Club

Studded with the likes of Peach State cocktail kings including Regan Smith, Greg Best, and Paul Calvert, this bar attracts tourists from far and near. Gaze upward and you will be awe-struck by the theatrical lighting and the beams that run through the place. After a few minutes, the feeling of being in a new place will be replaced by the impression that you’re a part of the live audience for a familiar sitcom soundstage. Not to mention the excellent variety cocktails available here with such unpretentious joy. Don’t forget to enjoy the house-made pineapple cordial and the Ticonderoga Cup (an interesting blend of aged rum, sherry, cognac and fresh lemon).

Athens, Georgia - The World Famous

Located in the middle of the “Hot Corner”, this chess-piece- like structure is both a music locale and a gastro-dive bar.  The World Famous bar brings forth the quintessential essence of the white-oak that features across prominent southern cities in the US. That said, the overall experience of the whiskey stash entwined with incredible hip-hop acts is one to cherish for long. and a whiskey stash? Be sure to order the Creature Comforts Automatic pale ale and poutine.

Charleston, South Carolina - The Living Room at the Dewberry

Although many hotels boast of a mid-century-modern vibe, there is something much more intriguing about the Dewberry and its lobby bar. Serving as a federal building during the 1960s, the austere exterior of the structure still reminiscences of its glowing past. Likewise, the tiny five-seat brass bar, The Living Room carries the legacy forward, with its smartly-dressed barmen drinks, which come in substantial glassware. Talking about the best drink on display, there is the precise and beautifully brooding cocktail - the Dark as Night. This surprising concoction combines walnut liqueur with cognac and is as moody as they come.

Daphne, Alabama - Manci's Antique Club

One of the popular tales about the Italian immigrant Buster Manci filling station is from the days of Prohibition when it was rumored that the place didn’t just lubricate the cars - there was much more going on there. By 1936, the place openly accepted its ruse and soon became the popular meeting place for patrons and tourists. Manci was a known antique collector; therefore,  he filled up the entire place with artifacts including the largest collection of Jim Beam decorative decanters. That said, popular choices for drinks here include The Bloody Mary, which is uniquely garnished with a pickled okra, string bean, and olive.

(All photographs are courtesy of the original owners unless otherwise indicated)


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