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Amazing Low Budget Eateries in Paris for Backpackers

Amazing Low Budget Eateries in Paris for Backpackers

Paris is town for everyone and thus receives a huge number of tourists throughout the year. While you can attribute various reasons to it, Paris stands tall when it comes to backpackers and their friendly stores. Apart from being an excellent travel location, Paris serves some of the best dishes in the lowest of the costs. From costly dishes to budget-friendly, you will never cease to amaze the balance the city keeps for its visitors. Check out some of the low budgets eats in Paris for those visiting Paris for a tight schedule.


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Boulangerie is always the cheapest ways to fill your tummy while in France. You can get the specialty of Paris, the one Euro Croissant, pain au chocolate or baguette in the best bakeries of the world. Similarly, a sandwich costs around five Euros or choose among the best sweet treats in the cabinet and something which will catch your eyes. Some of the best bakeries of Paris include Du Pain et Des Idées and Liberté in the 10th arrondissement, A la Flûte Gana in the 20th and Blé Sacré in the 12th.


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For vegetarians, French crêpes are the best eats in Paris. For less than 10 Euros in your pocket, you can eat some excellent crepêries which are some of the most mouth-watering meals in the country. It can be best available at Breizh Café. Some of the other best restaurants and eateries which serves the best Crepes include Lulu La Nantaise and chèvre savory variety. At Crêperie Brocéliande, you can find the best classic cheese and onion confit crepe. La Droguerie in the Marais around the Gare Montparnasse for authentic Breton crêpes.


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Another cheap item to quench your food thirst are the falafel shops. If you ask the locals, they would tell that the best falafel in the city can be found along the Rue des Rosiers. Other best places where you can find the falafels are L’As du Fallafel, Chez Hanna, King Falafel Palace and MI-VA-MI who are all meters apart from each other. All these outlets serve some of the best falafels in the town.

Hot Chocolate

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French love hot chocolate and the same can be found all around Paris with the least of the costs. The best hot chocolate can be found in Angelina but Paris too has some worthy collections as well. There are two great locations in Angelina where you can find this creamy concoction with the exact amount of sugar in it. You can find it around the Louvre where you will have to line up to get your hands on this chocolaty goodness. But another shop where there is no line whatsoever is at the Left Bank.


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While in Paris, you cannot afford to miss the best cheap eats of the town in the form of Fondue. It is made by putting together a boiling pot of melted cheese mixed with white wine and continuously cooked over a little burner. Dip the French baguette in it and eat quickly before the hotness in it runs away. Believe me, it will the inner you with utmost happiness. Also, it's cheap and duly available at everywhere in Paris, something for which the town is known. Try Fondue at Le Chalet Savoyard and Les Fondus de la Raclette.

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