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Non-Stop LA to Buffalo-Niagara Flights Take Off Due to Demand

You don’t always have to traverse thousands of miles and numerous time zones to have a great vacation. If there are worthwhile things to see in your native country, then what’s wrong with boosting tourism at home? In fact, there is data that proves that Americans love traveling within their own country just as much as they do exploring and vacationing in international destinations. According to recent studies of domestic tourism and travel statistics, which are based on the analysis of over 87,000 aggregate hotel booking data preferences made from within the United States, the state that most Americans liked to travel to the most is the Golden State of California. New York state comes in at fifth. West Virginia was the least popular state for domestic tourism.

Travel Vacations to Alaska

No one really makes travel vacations inquiries for Alaska, at least not in a data appreciable way that would compare to the other 50 states. (Most Alaskans wanted to visit Hawaii if given the chance, however.) The point is that a lot of vacation and travel opportunities are not just created by wily travel, hospitality and hotel specialists; sometimes the weight of demand or volume of earnest vacation opportunity inquiries can spark or accelerate the construction of a new hotel or the opening of a theme park. Or the opening of a brand new, non-stop flight route created for the sole purpose of promoting tourism. Travelers from LA, in ever increasing numbers, have been inquiring about a vacation in Buffalo and Niagara, New York. the district of Niagara, which is the site of the world-famous Niagara Falls, shares a border with the iconic waterfall with Canada. The Falls are a literal magnet for tourism and vacation seekers. Because of the appreciably voiced interest from interested Los Angelinos, Jetblue Airways opened the first non-stop flight route between LA, California and Buffalo Niagara International Airport in New York.

16th Anniversary of First Jetblue Airways

The new non-stop route became functional in June 2016. The event was also planned to celebrate the 16th anniversary of the first flight of Jetblue Airways, which departed from Buffalo, New York. Of course, one could make multiple-stop connections between the cities before, but this new non-stop flight route was developed to augment tourism and as a convenience to the new travelers filling this demand. Anything is possible in the tourism and leisure business. Look for travel deals for places you have never been to before. You could find a good deal. Just making an inquiry or asking about vacation opportunities in a different state could get the wheels of tourist business opportunism rolling in everyone’s favor. Make inquiries to tourism offices and authorities. Or your travel agent, if you still use one. Who knows? Maybe enough demand will be generated to open a new air route to serve that potential demand. Maybe even to Alaska and West Virginia. One day.


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