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How to Request Vacation Time Off from Work

How to Request Vacation Time Off from Work

Everyone needs a break now and then. It’s natural to want to take some time off from work to relax and recuperate. But many people are afraid to request paid time off or are unsure of the best method for asking to use vacation days. Workers may fear it will appear as if they don’t take their jobs seriously, or they may be intimidated by a particularly demanding boss. Some companies are laxer in their policies and would like their employees to take time off so they stay sharp when they are at work. Whatever your work atmosphere is like, there are a few things you should keep in mind when requesting paid leave.


Make sure to request your vacation with plenty of advanced notice. This way your boss and fellow employees can prepare themselves for being a worker. It is also best to keep in mind the company’s schedule and to take time off during a slower season and not when a big project is almost due.

Know your company’s rules

Take a look at your employee handbook before you request vacation. Make sure you know how many days you are entitled to, how many days you have actually accrued, the vacation pay rate, and many times it might be unacceptable to take time off.

Context is important

The timing of when you ask is as important as when you actually take your vacation. Make sure the office mood is right. Don’t ask your boss for time off just after someone else has left or when your boss is overly stressed.

Emergency Planning

The unexpected is likely to occur, and you can never plan for last minute projects, but try your best to think ahead to what might be going on when you ask to take time off and have a backup plan for any possible contingencies.

Be polite

Don’t make any demands when asking for time off. Make sure to word your request as just that. Also, try to highlight how hard you have been working lately, and how well you have been doing so your boss will be more open to the idea of you taking time off (of course, these should be true), but don’t appear as though you feel you are entitled. This is still a request. Please and thank you are always appreciated.

Do it in writing

It is always best to ask for vacation in writing. That way, there is a record of your request as well as the timing of when the request was made. This may help during the approval process.

Wrapping Up

Vacation requests from work are tricky, but there are ways to approach them that will not reflect poorly on you or your job performance. Think ahead, follow the rules, and be courteous. If you’re in good standing at your company and PTO is in the handbook, it will be much easier to request time off. When you ask in the proper manner, it will be much easier to gain the approval you desire. And then there’s nothing stopping you from sipping a drink on the beach or galavanting around a foreign country, or whatever it is you plan to do on your vacation.

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