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Top 10 Airports of 2017

Top 10 Airports of 2017

Travelling can be stressful, particularly air travel. Layovers, delays, long security lines leading to invasive checks, there are many things to be frustrated by when traveling via airplane. Airports are crowded with people who would prefer to be anywhere but here. But there are a few places that offer amenities and comfort that make your time in an airport slightly less exasperating. The top 10 airports of 2017 list were recently released by Skytrax. The list was determined based on 12.85 million customer nominations. Over 40 categories, including, service, shopping, and security were ranked by passenger satisfaction. Who knew you might want to vacation in the place that is supposed to get you to your vacation? Here’s a rundown of what you’ll find.

London’s Heathrow Airport

Heathrow was named the world’s best shopping airport and is home to the world’s best terminal, Terminal 5. It is one of the world’s busiest airports. Skytrax review gave it 4.5 out 5 stars for ease of use and a full 5 stars for flight information and shopping information.

Vancouver International Airport

The second busiest airport in Canada but busiest on the world top 10, it is also the best airport in North America for the fourth year in a row. Green Coat Ambassadors are volunteers that help travelers find their way through the airport.

Zurich Airport

The airport went through a major expansion in 2003 and added a new terminal. It has an underground automated train to shuttle passengers, Skymetro, and porter service that offers bag pick up and delivery to customers for a fee. It ranked highly in the categories of immigration, security processing, and dining.

Beijing Capital International Airport

The “China Gateway” is one of the largest airports and is the second busiest airport in the world, serving almost 80 million passengers a year. It is home to the eight best airport terminal in the world, Terminal 3, and the second best airport hotel, Langham Place Beijing.

Tokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport)

Haneda serves 62.6 million passengers annually but is capable of hosting 90 million a year and has three international terminals. The airport continues to expand with plans to open eight more gates, a new hotel, and increase parking. It is the world’s best domestic airport. It also ranked highly in the shopping, cleanliness, and security processing.

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Originally a military airfield, Schiphol has ranked highly in shopping, dining, and leisure. It has a casino, a spa, and a library for passengers to enjoy while waiting for their flights.

Hong Kong International Airport

Hong Kong International has two terminals and three runways. It won top honors for dining and baggage delivery. It ranked highly for cleanliness and shopping. It boasts a 9-hole golf course and is one of the busiest airports in the world.

Munich Airport

Named the best airport in Europe, it is the second busiest airport in Germany. The terminals are constructed with mostly glass walls and ceilings, providing a pleasant atmosphere. It ranked highly for dining and shopping options.

Incheon International Airport

Incheon one top honors 8 years in a row before being knocked off last year. It is the largest airport in South Korea, and one of only three airports to get an overall 5 out of 5-star rating. One of the youngest airports, it opened its doors in 2001. It houses a museum of Korean culture. It ranked highly for cleanliness, Internet access, rest areas, external view, and local food options.

Singapore Changi Airport

The 2-time best airport in the world also won top honors for leisure amenities. It ranked highly for security, immigration, and cleanliness. It hosts an outdoor rooftop pool, spas, a “green” terminal, a butterfly garden, a movie theater, and a four-story slide.

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