Top 5 Super Cheap Holiday Destinations in Europe You Must Travel

Top 5 Super Cheap Holiday Destinations in Europe You Must Travel

How often have we planned and then unplanned some trips just because we did not meet the finances? Considering the amount required to spend on the overseas trips, we often find such places who offer the best value for money. But bigger and expensive cities who offer a lot do not always happen to be on our bucket list due to their cost issues. It’s not every day that you choose to travel or get a holiday to travel. Let us plan your visit in a way that you have to spend lesser on trips and you don’t have to cancel this time. Hence, we bring to you the top 5 cheap holiday destinations in Europe which offer the best value to their price and do not go out of our pocket. Let’s roll –

1 Tallinn, Estonia

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Tallinn would always feature on our list if we talk about cheap holiday destinations in Europe. It is the capital city of Estonia and a rising tourist hub during the summer months. With medieval gothic architecture smitten all over Tallinn, tourists find this city worth spending time on learning about the new and old of the city. Apart from the huge literary background, Tallinn provides the much relief with its pristine coastline. The ‘Edge Walk’ on the 175-meter TV Tower combined with the booming culture of the region makes it one of the hotshot destinations to visit. All this grandeur comes at a lesser price as the currency value is yet to rise in Estonia. So, every cheap holiday destination in Europe features this city.

2 Berlin, Germany

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Don’t go on the name of the city. Comparing to other German towns and French neighborhood cities, Berlin can certainly feature on our Cheap Holiday Destinations in Europe list. Known for the famous Berlin Wall which is the major attraction in the city, the capital city is one among the most famous tourist places in entire Europe. With a vibrant nightlife and amalgamation of modern and traditional cultures, the city attracts all kinds of visitors. But the costs do not hike much as the city is gifted with lesser travel provisions and high life cost value.

3 Prague, Czech Republic

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It is one of the most visited tourist spots in the world with around 5 million people visiting this beautiful city in a year. The city is literally a heaven with the 14th Century Prague Castle, the Charles Bride and the buildings depicting the startling architecture of the past. Though the city has high value among the tourist, it is blessed with cheap food and accommodation with no cost on foot exploration. Additionally, get the chance to thrive on some of the best beer in the world here.

4 Porto, Portugal

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The Portuguese travelled all over the world in search of the finest spices and settled for their love. Now its time that you travelled Porto and enjoy the exquisite beauty it has to offer. The city is highly regarded as pocket friendly due to cheap transport, graffiti walls and beautiful roads. Your camera would never rest in the pouches as there are plenty of scenic panoramas that you would love to cover.

5. Budapest, Hungary

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European travelers love Budapest. It is one of the largest and oldest European cities situated on the banks of River Danube. The city is an amalgamation of medieval and modern architectural prowess with rich cultural history. If you are a fan of ancient history and architecture, this is the place you want to be right now. Apart from its beauty, its also pocket friendly with cheap public transport and food supplies.


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