5 Pristine Destinations for the Well-Deserved Break

5 Pristine Destinations for the Well-Deserved Break

The old adage, “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” is definitely a wakeup call for each one of us. Nowadays we only believe in working tirelessly to earn and make the future secure. However, we end up forgetting the present. Remember, time is an asset, so utilize it fully. After working long hours at the office and committing to work for many years, take a break. Pamper yourself and your loved ones to a vacation. Choose from the list of the most popular tourist attractions, and just go. To help narrow down the options, here are five pristine destinations you can go when on a break from work.

1.  Seychelles

Seychelles, an exceptionally beautiful archipelago and one of the top travel destinations in the world, is full of wonders. Located in the Indian Ocean, Seychelles is paradise for nature enthusiasts and beach lovers around the world. Among the popular vacation spots here, Fregate offers the best ensemble of luxurious villas, marble floors, premium quality wood furniture, and jacuzzis. You can also explore the clear turquoise waters, pearl-white shoreline, and crowd-free stands here, to completely relax your senses. Of all the places, Seychelles is definitely the one where you can really unwind yourself after all the hard work.

2. The British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands have a reputation for being delightful and plush. And you cannot agree more. One of the most favorite leisure destinations for Hollywood A-listers and prominent figures, here, even you can live like a celebrity. It is only In British Virgin Islands that you can rent out exotic villas like the one owned by Richard Branson, the talismanic CEO of Virgin Airlines. Among the top tourist spots here, you can fly off to the nearby Guana island to enjoy the pearlescent sand beaches, or indulge in adventure activities such as hiking and snorkeling. Truth be told, nothing is better than the stunning vistas of turquoise waters and kaleidoscopic landscapes against the dreamy skyline that you get here.

3. Bora Bora

Located in French Polynesia, the Bora Bora island bears several titles, including the “The Most Beautiful Island in the World” and the “Pearl of the Pacific”. The beauty of this scenic island is also described in James Michener’s best-seller “Tales of the South Pacific”. Overall, the reason we cannot stop gushing about Bora Bora is that its unique landscape catalog of breathtaking aerial views and pristine aquamarine lagoons is simply out of this word. While on vacation, don’t forget to take a bike ride around the island, explore the diverse aquatic life, and unwind in a private, overwater bungalow.

4. Tuscany

Tuscany may not be on most prominent fixture across most travel itineraries; however, it is one of the prettiest destinations in Italy, and a delight to visit. Here, you can witness the history literally unfold itself, right in front of your eyes. While the city has a cultural heritage dating back to the pre-renaissance period, it doesn’t mean that it hasn’t embraced modern times. It’s thriving vineyards and reputation as one of the top wine destinations is the proof that Tuscany is as modern as it is rustic and elegant.

5. Musha Cay

Musha Cay isn’t like any other island in the world, because of the fact that you must rent out an entire island to enjoy a vacation here. Located among eleven islands in the Copperfield Bay in the Bahamas, Musha Cay has always been a favorite seclusion spot for celebrities and Hollywood A-listers including Oprah Winfrey, Ernest Hemingway, Johnny Depp and even Bill Gates. While staying in a private resort is an exceptionally comfortable affair, you can also indulge in fun activities including a customized treasure hunt, a personalized firework show, diving, deep-sea fishing, outdoor theater screenings and private speedboats.

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