Top 5 Surprisingly Affordable Tourist Places in the US

Top 5 Surprisingly Affordable Tourist Places in the US

Each year, thousands of tourists flock the US shores to satiate their wanderlust. And, the United States simply never disappoints anyone! This expansive country is home to some of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and offers a myriad of unique travel experiences. However, many tourists have one question in mind before going on a vacation in the US - will it be too expensive? Well, the US is so vast and so varied that there’s always an alternative - affordable lesser-known destinations to every expensive tourist place. That said, some of the top travel destinations in the US are surprisingly affordable and more budget-friendly than most people think. This post lists five such plush, yet cheap tourist places in the United States.

1. Las Vegas

Most tourists associate Vegas with an extravagant, luxurious, and often, an expensive tourist destination. Well, the reputation is certainly not entirely false - if you cannot resist temptation, you can lose a lot more vacation money than anticipated. However, you can easily find cheap hotel rooms, vacation packages, and rental cars in Vegas. While the less trendy properties on The Strip offer affordable hotel deals, you can also go for accommodations in downtown Vegas. That’s the trick here - put up in a budget room and explore the most flashy casinos.

2. Hawaii

The best thing about vacationing in Hawaii is that you can relax on the beach, go for a swim and hikes - they are all free. Everything else, well, really comes at a premium. That said, you can easily save money by staying put and chilling out. Instead of going on an island-hopping spree in the summer, wait for the cheap fares to show up towards the winter. Though at some places, the surf will be higher (good for surfers, bad for snorkelers), you can always enjoy the scrumptious local cuisine. You can sign up for a loyalty card at the local grocery and shop at the farmers’ markets. This will at least take some sting out of the high food prices, here in Hawaii.

3. Jackson Hole

Although the name contains the word “hole”, don’t get all judgy about the place. Jackson Hole is one of the posh, yet affordable top travel destination in the US. Tourists usually flock the areas around the Jackson and Teton Village during the winter for skiing and explore the Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton during the summer. If you are a budget traveler and want to avoid large crowds, try targeting the spring and autumn seasons. You can also put up at The Hostel in Jackson Hole, which is one of the cheapest accommodation options available in the otherwise expensive place. Likewise, vacation rentals or B&B in local homes can get you great deals, especially in the off-season.

4. New York City

While exploring some of the most famous tourist attractions here in New York City, you can really empty your pockets faster than ordering a pastrami sandwich. That said, finding out what options you can explore while on a budget is not that hard. While art lovers can explore the galleries of Chelsea, book lovers can spend hours at the New York Public Library, all for free. The best money-saving tip, however, is to head for a park. The Central Park here can be an outdoor gallery, a bike path, a free botanical garden, a virtual movie tour, or simply a place to eat a bagel. Likewise, the outer boroughs of New York are where you can find cheaper hotel deals.

5. Martha’s Vineyard

Martha’s Vineyard is generally regarded as a playground for the wealthy. While it is one of the favorite summer getaway destinations for Hollywood A-listers and POTUS himself, once you’re there, you will find that all the reputation and exclusivity, is merely a myth. But first, leave your car on the mainland, and hop on a ferry to reach this island. That way, you can not only avoid the parking hassles but also better explore the crowded island streets.

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