5 Romantic European Destinations for Both Young and Young at Heart

5 Romantic European Destinations for Both Young and Young at Heart

Come February the 14th, its the most opportune time to find love or confess your feelings for someone special. The moment becomes more special if you are at a place where the landscape is full of picturesque vistas, fascinating locale, and air brims with stories of undying passion. Therefore, it is better to go on a romantic getaway before admitting to your feelings or if you looking to reignite old passion. They say that Europe is the continent of love and romance; therefore, why not consider one of the most magnificent and premium romantic European destinations for the perfect Valentine’s weekend celebrations? To help, we pick six of the most perfect places in Europe where you won’t be bothered by unnecessary hassles and prying eyes. Take a look.

1. Mariefred, Sweden

Mariefred in Sweden is a great destination those looking for a quiet and laid-back romantic getaway. Here you can experience the charm of medieval times, while enjoying modern-day amenities. The picturesque town is located south of Stockholm, and one can enjoy the distinctive setting that features elements such as quaint shops selling souvenirs, old-fashioned cafes, and wooden houses that are both warm and cozy. You will definitely marvel at the ancient architecture here.

2. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Dutch capital city of Amsterdam is nothing like your quintessential run-of-the-mill romantic city. Instead, you will be surprised with the simple yet sophisticated cityscape. Here, you will  find everything, from canals to open-air restaurants, and from modern-day architecture to quaint delis selling Dutch Cheese. In Netherlands, the city of Amsterdam features an interesting medley of culture, history, and luxury that has something to offer to everyone who ventures within its walls. For example, there is an array of art museums for art aficionados, the most famous being the Van Gogh Museum at Hermitage Amsterdam, and the famous Anne Frank House, now a museum.

3. Paris, France

Ask anyone - Paris is definitely at the top, when it comes to choosing a romantic European destination. That said, many believe that this French city capital and the City of Lights, is the most romantic city in the world. So, why not go there and experience a little Paris charm with your significant half? Take a cruise down the River Seine and enjoy the lights dancing on the water or check out the bistros while walking down one of the medieval bridges, for the time of your lives. You can also have a candlelight dinner at a cellar cafe on the Ile D’Orleans, and finish off your trip by heading off to the top of the Eiffel Tower, to experience a spellbinding city view. For those who are yet to propose to their partners, the Eiffel’s top is definitely the best place, to hope for a Yes!

4. Sintra, Portugal

Nestled cozily between the mountains and the sea, the Portuguese town of Sintra is a perfect destination who wish for a romantic getaway at a place that has a rich heritage, is close to nature, and offers unique experiences. Sintra is known for the romantic aura that inspired the l18th and 19th-century writers to create some of their best works and continues to do so. Therefore, if you are young or young at heart, Sintra is the place to visit!

5. Florence, Italy

Whether its an unprecedented display of magnificent artwork or a rich cultural backstory: the city of Florence encapsulates it all! After all, this Italian city has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1982. Here you can witness the grandeur of historic landmarks including the Galleria dell’ Accademia, which houses the Michelangelo’s David, the Uffizi, and the Piazza Della Signoria. And, above all, you must experience the delectable Florentine cuisine.

6. Barcelona, Spain

Madrid may be the capital city of Spain; however, its the bustling metropolis of Barcelona that depicts both the wildly bizarre and the authentically historic of Spanish culture. Here, you can witness scenic backdrops while traversing along the trails of Park Güell or spend the day exploring the narrow bylanes of Barri Gòtic; the choice is yours! From beachside nightclubs to the dozens of architectural marvels and medieval churches of the city, one can find an eclectic ensemble of tourists: the adventurer, the partier, the couple, and the culture lover.

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