5 Reasons Australia Is One of the Most Beloved Vacation Destinations

Between the Pacific and Indian Oceans, lies the world’s largest island. Australia is super hot right now and with its quirky wildlife, insanely gorgeous beaches and its unique and varied landscape, it is no wonder so many head down under for vacation. You can explore the culture of the nation’s Aboriginal people by day and dance the night away in a popular city nightclub. Regardless of your adventure level, Australia has something amazing for everyone.


With white sands, crystal-clear waters and over a thousand species of beautiful fish, Australian beaches are to die for. The country is renowned around the entire world for its beaches. Aussies take pride in their beaches, which means they take great care of them. Since we’re talking about beaches, we may as well mention that Australia is home of one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. The Great Barrier Reef lies along the coast of Queensland, Australia and extends over a thousand miles to Bundaberg. The reef offers many opportunities for adventure, such as snorkeling, diving, and sailing.

Quirky Wildlife

Many of the animals found in Australia aren’t found anywhere else in the world. There are nearly 6000 different species of mammal, birds, fish, and reptiles. Some of the best-known animals are the kangaroo, koala, dingo, platypus, wallaby, and wombat. You can be sure to see kangaroos, wallabies, and wombats in any part of Australia, but none more than on Kangaroo Island, off the capital city of Adelaide, which just happens to be one of the most travel-friendly towns in the country. Marsupials aren’t the only attraction of the island; there you can also explore weird rock formations, underground caves, and the wondrously clear waters.

Varied Landscape

From red-hot deserts of the Australian Outback to the lush green forests on the coast of Queensland, Australia has it all. The Outback is a surreal landscape of epic proportions and will make you feel like you’ve stepped on to another planet. You may find a canyon here and there with a trickling waterfall, or aboriginal cave drawings. It’s not for the faint of heart: if you’re looking for a seriously life-changing trip, the Australian Outback is for you. The Queensland ancient tropical forests are magical and considered to be the best living record of the major stages in evolutionary history. Whether you’re a scientist, a historian or a traveler with a sharp aesthetic taste, the rain forests of Australia are a definite must for your bucket list.

More Value for Money

For a variety of economic reasons, the Australian dollar is lower than the currency in the states, so US money is worth more. The exchange rate is $.77 US Dollar to 1 Australian dollar, which is awesome, because one of the best things about any vacation is going shopping! Australia boasts some of the highest end fashion retailers who carry items that can’t be found anywhere else, like Witchery (modeled after Zara), Alpha60 and Michael Lo Sordo. Hard-to-find fashion isn’t the only thing worth your money when shopping in Australia. There are also other unique purchasing opportunities, such as Jim Beam and Cola in a can, Lucas’ PawPaw Ointment, and the Nu-Brush.


Where else are you going to be able to shop other than in one of the fine cities of Australia? Sustainability, efficient, yet beautiful architecture and cultural diversity are the benchmarks of most cities in Australia. The natural beauty of Sydney, the artsy and sporting city of Melbourne, Brisbane’s chill vibe, food-lovers’ Hobart: the cities of Australia are some of the most admired and livable in the world. Whether you want to go to a snowy winter wonderland, summer on a tropical beach, take a Walkabout in the dry and hot desert, or explore the wetlands and forests, Australia is the place for you. It is the place for everyone.

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