5 Wonderfully Affordable Places To Stay In Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon has all the cultural advantages of being a large city, but in many ways, it still has a small-town vibe to it. While changes that have been taking place have replaced most of the grubby dive bars with coffee roasters and parking is a little scarce due to all the food trucks, but we all know that with change comes compromise. Of course the wildly accepting and appealingly quirky vibe of the place – that whole 'Keep Portland Weird' thing – certainly hasn't changed. These days, there's just more to love. Something that hasn’t changed is the deals. Portland is definitely a place where you can find affordable anything in just about every part of town. The following are the 5 of the most economical places to stay in Portland, Oregon.

1. Northwest Portland Guesthouse

The Northwest Portland Guesthouse consists of three buildings located in the historic district of downtown Portland. It is a Bed and Breakfast type of place with private rooms shared bathrooms and outdoor gardens, one of which hosts a weekly summer folk series as well as other events like barbeques and outdoor movies. The Guesthouse opened in 2002 as a hostel for international travelers and has since then grown into a total of 22 guest rooms in 3 beautiful historic homes. Like most of eco-friendly Portland, the Northwest Portland Guesthouse promotes an ongoing commitment to environmental, socio-cultural, and economic responsibility, which is why they have policies for waste reduction, recycling, energy efficiency and other important issues affecting our planet’s resources. The Guesthouse rooms and rates range from single-bed rooms for $67 to private queen bed suites for $89.

2. The Society Hotel

The Society Hotel used to be a 19th-century lodging house for sailors. It has been restored with classic mementos still inhabiting the grounds. There is a bridge that runs between the hotel and the hostel, which provides private and community accommodations. There is an open-air deck on the rooftop and a comfy café in the lobby. Regardless of who you are, or where you are coming from, there is something for everyone at the Society Hotel. If you are traveling with friends, you can stay in a room with custom-built bunk beds for around $40, or you can get a premium suite that boasts a king-size bed, loveseat, full bathroom, plenty of storage and free wi-fi, all for only $140 per night.

3. The Crystal Hotel

Located just across the street from the legendary Crystal Ballroom, the Crystal Hotel has 51 comfortable guest rooms; each inspired by a song or performance from the Crystal Ball room's past 100 years. On the National Register of Historic Places, The Crystal Hotel has colorful walls, velvet drapes, and a rocking vibe. There’s a view of downtown and the room rates include admission to the soaking pool and tickets to a Crystal Ballroom show. Average nightly cost of a standard double bedroom is $105 and that includes wi-fi and admission to the heated soaking pool. If you want to splurge for a special occasion, they have king and queen suites that run between $135-$245. The higher the rate, the bigger the package and some of those packages include free beer and food!

4. Tierra Soul Urban Farm Guesthouse

The Tierra Soul Urban Farm Guesthouse is a historic 6 bedroom home where guests can come and dive into the magic Lazy Lady Living for a few days on an urban farm while exploring Portland’s cutting-edge green culture. They also offer healing retreats and a farmer/artist-in-residence program. They also teach a course called Lazy Lady Living, which focuses on social and cultural resilience and creativity. Room rates range from $105 to $145. Call them for more details!

5. Friendly Bike Guesthouse

Being that Portland is a very bike-friendly city, the Friendly Bike Guesthouse provides cyclist-oriented accommodation in one of Portland's most close-knit neighborhoods. Restaurants and pubs surround the hotel and guests have access to a fully equipped kitchen, and a washer and dryer. Dorms and private rooms are available, along with a personal locker and an indoor bike lockup. Prices vary depending on whether or not you’re in a bunk room with your friends ($36) or a double-bed room ($76) with your family.

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