Get in Touch with Nature in Jamaica

Get in Touch with Nature in Jamaica

Jamaica is the fifth largest country in the Caribbean. The capital and largest city are Kingston. Kingston is home to the Bob Marley Museum, one of Jamaica’s most famous residents. But when people come to Jamaica, it usually isn’t for the cities. Each area in Jamaica has its own natural wonders to explore. Here is a list of the best places to visit and things to do in 4 of Jamaica’s top neighborhoods.

Ocho Rios

Ocho Rios, a buzzing port town and former fishing village to the north coast of Jamaica, is an inviting tourist attraction. Now, one of the prominent cruise ship harbors in Jamaica, the town offers myriad places of attractions, including the Dunn’s River Falls and the surrounding rainforests in the Saint Ann parish. Here, you can enjoy rock climbing and take a swim in the bright waters of the Blue Hole. likewise, don’t forget to take an hour-long excursion along the White River and also enjoy ziplining and bobsledding in the Mystic Mountain Rainforest.

Montego Bay

While you may refer to Montego Bay as the capital city of the Saint James Parish in Northern Jamaica, it is also a prominent cruise ship port and features a reputable curation of golf courses and beach resorts such as the Walter Fletcher Beach and the Doctor’s Cave Beach. In Montego Bay, you can experience the thrill of diving and snorkeling at the surrounding coral reefs, take a guided tour of the Croydon Plantation, which features expansive rows of coffee and pineapple trees. You can also watch endemic species of birds at the Rocklands Bird Sanctuary and enjoy playing golf at the White Witch Golf Course (it features an impressive 18 holes spread over 200 acres.)


Don’t let the diminutive size of Negril dissuade you from the place. This quaint, west Jamaican town boasts of explorable shallow bays, pristine sandy beaches, and calm, turquoise waters. Overlooking the Long Bay, the Seven Mile Beach, in particular, is the most happening place in the otherwise quiet coastal town. Here, you can enjoy exceptionally satisfying bouts of snorkeling and scuba-diving in the protected coral reefs of the Long Bay. Moreover, Negril is also home to the immensely popular Mayfield Falls, which feature two waterfalls, along with an impressive number of 21 natural pools and 52 species of ferns along with plenty of wildlife.

Port Antonio

Although this portly town was not much popular as a tourist destination earlier, it gained quite a reputation after featuring in the famous Hollywood blockbuster, the “Blue Lagoon” starring Brooke Shields. That said, Port Antonio is also the capital of Portland Parish and is commonly referred to as the gateway to the relatively unexplored Jamaican tropical jungles, waterfalls, and mountains. Here, you can find the majestic Reach Falls, located in the John Crow Mountains, which offers the much-needed tranquility and scenic solitude. Furthermore, there are the Somerset Falls, near Hope Bay, which directly flows onto a former plantation, and the Boston Beach, which is essentially a white sand beach and features waters perfect for surfing.

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