Guangzhou, China

Guangzhou, China

Guangzhou, the largest and capital city of Guangdong in China, is not one of the places that immediately comes to mind when one is thinking of their next vacation spot, but it in fact has a bounty when it comes to great places for tourists to visit. There are incredible sights to see and, as the locals will tell you, it has some of the greatest cuisine in all of China. 

There are many ways to explore this great city including, bike, bus, hiking, driving, and even boat. The biking in this city is exceptional for a few reasons. One is that there is a clear biking path on the road in all locations of the city, as much of the population goes biking. Another reason why biking is fantastic here is that, unlike other Chinese cities, there are places where part of the biking path will actually lead into parks and even wild life areas as an option. There are a few biking tours available, many combine city sights with natural wonders.

There are many bus tours available in this area as well. Incredible tours such as the Unity Bus Tour China, which is an English tour of the area, offers a catered bus ride, and stops at important locations. One of the specialized bus tours offered by the Unity Bus Tour China is what is called the Midnight Express. This tour gives information of famous landmarks, and goes through natural wild life areas around the city, but what makes it stands out from other bus tours is that it stops at the various famous bars around the city. It stops long enough for the tourists to get a drink, and then continues to the next famous bar.

This city is unexplored by many tourists from around the world, most likely because it is surrounded by other hot spots. Because of this it is sort of a gold mine, as in it is cheaper to go to, and less of a tourist trap. It is a place that offers great entertainment and sights and should be looked into by anyone interested in going out into the world.

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