The Top Study Abroad Destinations for American Students

The Top Study Abroad Destinations for American Students

Almost 300,000 college students study abroad each academic year and the number is growing as study abroad becomes a more popular option for students and the quality of programs increases. Europe is the most popular study abroad destination with over 50% of American students who choose to do study abroad going there. Study abroad offers the opportunity to be immersed in a different culture and to expand personal horizons. It is a unique and often times life-changing experience.

1. The United Kingdom

The UK is popular with students mostly because it doesn’t require learning a new language but still gets them abroad. It has been the most popular study abroad destination for years and shows no signs of slowing down.

2. Italy

Italy is a close second to the UK. Popular with tourists and students alike, Italy is a great destination for study abroad in both its most famous cities and its smaller known locales, including at the oldest university in Europe in Bologna.

3. Spain

The weather, the partying, and the backpacking friendly nature of Spain make it one of the most popular studies abroad destinations. Also, many students who study a foreign language take Spanish making it a no-brainer to study abroad in Spain where their language skills can be put to use.

4. France

Another popular tourist destination that doubles as a mecca for students. The rich culture, cuisine, and history of France make it a great place for learning and fun for young students. And French is one of the top foreign languages taken by college students.

5. Australia

Australia is great for longer-term studies abroad. As an English speaking nation, it is easier for students to navigate. It is a great place to explore wildlife and marine biology.

6. Germany

Germany is growing as a study abroad destinations with more programs cropping up. The history is powerful and worthy of intense study. The culture is changing and diversifying making Germany an interesting subject of inquiry. Berlin is quickly becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations as well as a great place to study abroad.

7. Costa Rica

Spanish language students like this lower key destination. There are opportunities to be involved with outreach programs, and the country is often very welcoming to students.

8. China

As a growing center of business and economy, China is becoming an increasingly popular destination. The language is difficult to master but is becoming integral to international business, so many students find China to be a great place to study abroad.

9. Ireland

A country where students can easily find English speaking natives and friendly people, Ireland is consistently a popular study abroad destination. The countryside is exquisite, and although the weather is often poor, the attitude and environment are top notches.

10. Mexico

Mexico is great if you want to learn a new culture but don’t want to go as far away as Europe. It is an especially nice destination for Spanish language students. And the party scene isn’t too shabby either.


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