Experience The Magic Of Bahia With This Detailed Tour Itinerary

Experience The Magic Of Bahia With This Detailed Tour Itinerary

Known for its religious syncretism, history, its friendly people, and the cultural mix, Salvador was the first capital of Brazil. Today, Salvador is the capital of the State of Bahia and also the third most populous city in the country, clubbing together the present and the past in perfect euphony. Essentially, the city is divided in two: the upper part and the lower part. Both the parts have some fascinating attractions which catch the attention of tourists from all over the globe. So, visit Bahia and enjoy the culture in Salvador and a well-being spa in Praia de Forte in this interesting four days Bahia Tour.

Trip Highlights:

Historical town, social realities, original architecture, beaches, delicious food, SPA atmosphere, resort at Praia do Forte, schooner at “All Saints Bay”, fauna protection project, nature, and culture.

Detailed Description:

Always in an environmental and social concern, the Praia do Forte Eco Resort tries to work with a sustainable system - preserving the nature and its resources, involving the local community – as a social insertion, and respecting their culture. The resort has excellent infrastructure and well-trained staff. It offers direct contact with nature, where you can observe a number of species of birds and small wildlife, as well as the lush tropical flora. Besides that, there are more than thirty different activities for adults, youth, and children.


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Places To Visit:

The itinerary has 2 different destinations in the State of Bahia:

Salvador City: The capital of Bahia. It is situated South of the Northeast region – approximately, 1670 km from Rio de Janeiro.

And Praia do Forte Eco Resort., only an hour drive from Salvador City. It is situated in an environmental protection area with a 12-kilometer nearly deserted beach, surrounded by a lush coconut palm plantation, and with a pleasant tropical climate. Average annual temperature is 28° C.

Detailed Itinerary:

Day 1

Image result for salvador city

Arrive in Salvador. Get a guide to the Pousada Red Fish. Check-in at the hotel, drop your luggage and have free time to enjoy the city.

Day 2

Image result for Lacerda Elevator hd

Leave the Pousada Red Fish at 9:00 am and take a 7-hour private city tour including lunch. This city tour will give you a good insight into the rich history and culture of the city of Salvador. You’ll get to visit the best tourist’s spots of the city, such as the Pelourinho, the famous Lacerda Elevator, the Bonfim church and enjoy a panoramic view of Salvador’s main city area.

Day 3

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Check-out from your hotel at 8:00 am for an 8-hour schooner tour with lunch. Spend the whole day sailing on the calm waters of the All Saints Bay (Baia de Todos os Santos). Stop for a swim and spend time sunbathing at the Ilha dos Frades. Enjoy a sumptuous Lunch at the Itaparica Island. Drinks are for sale on the boat.

Day 4

Image result for International Airport of Salvador hd

Transfer from the Praia do Forte Eco Resort to the International Airport of Salvador. Flight back to home country.


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