6 Day Tour to Cusco & Machu Picchu, Puno & Lake Titicaca

6 Day Tour to Cusco & Machu Picchu, Puno & Lake Titicaca

Want to escape from the materialistic world and explore the pristine nature in its purest form? Go ahead and plan for a wow-mazing 6-day tour to Cusco & Machu Picchu, Puno & Lake Titicaca, and get mesmerized by the incredible landscapes and ruins. If traveling for the first time, let us help you with an itinerary to explore the archaeological sites and blue Titicaca lake.

Day 1: Explore Cusco

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This would be your first day at a higher altitude and hence, you will need to take things easy. As you are already traveled so far, try not to get involved in any trekking activity. It will drain you out completely. Instead, step out and visit a museum, people-watch on the Plaza de Armas, or find a cafe where to enjoy some munchies. All this will keep you engaged for a whole day and in the evening, satisfy your hunger cramps with Cusco’s popular casual or fine dining restaurants.

Day 2: The tour to the Cusco City

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Your first morning in the city of Cusco is sure to give you some unforgettable moments. In the morning of Day 2 of this itinerary, you will have time to explore Cusco on your own. Visit as many places as you can - the Pre-Columbian Art Museum (MAP), the Machu Picchu Museum, the vendor stalls at San Pedro Market and a lot more. With each passing hour, you will get to see something really amazing. While exploring the beauty of Cusco, do not forget to stop by a Cusco restaurant to satisfy your hunger. Have lunch with your family and then proceed with your journey to the Santo Domingo Monastery. Explore the ironically preserved parts of the Inca structures and wrap up the day by stopping at Q’enko, Puka Pukara, and Tambomachay. Return to your hotel, enjoy a quiet evening in the Cusco town.

Day 3: The Breathtaking Sacred Valley Tour

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The sacred valley is one of the best attractions of this itinerary. It has been said that in the Inca times, the valley was used to litter with royal palaces and temples. Tour to the sacred valley in today’s time is all about breathtaking landscapes that are absolutely picturesque. While exploring the valley, you will pass by the Pisac town which will be your first stoppage of this sacred valley tour. The impressive hilltop ruins and the popular scared valley market is sure to steal your heart. Continue exploring the valley while driving down to the Urubamba road. Stop there for lunch and then drive for your final stop which is Ollantaytambo. Experience soul-stirring climbing, panoramic views, and fortress ruin and end it all by returning to your hotel in the Sacred Valley.

Day 4:  Machu Picchu Tour

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Explore Machu Picchu and get mesmerized by the ruins, primary temples, and palaces of the Inca citadel. It will be a 2-hour journey in which you will explore Machu Picchu first by bus and then by 25-min shuttle ride. On clear days, you will be able to catch the glimpses of glacier-capped peaks that rise over the valley. Wrap up the day by returning to the station and travel back to Cusco.

Day 5: A Trip to Puno

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Puno has a panoply of archaeological sites that are magnificent in all forms. Explore them all along with the famous Andahuaylillas Church, the monumental remains of the Temple of Viracocha at Raqchi, and La Raya Pass in your Puno trip. This will not be a long trip and you will yourself returning to the hotel by the evening.

Day 6: Lake Titicaca Tour

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This one will be a full day tour wherein you will get to see the world’s highest navigable lake - Titicaca. The floating island of Uros in the vast blue waters will surely give you the best travel memories of all time. Do not forget to delve into the history of Inca settlement while exploring the Spanish colonial prison. End it up by spending a quiet evening at the hotel while recalling all the beautiful things your eyes saw throughout the day. 

Hope you find this itinerary useful. Do share your thoughts with us in the comment section. Happy Sailing!

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