Top 10 Romantic Spots In Manila, The "Pearl Of The Orient"

Top 10 Romantic Spots In Manila, The

Manila, this capital city of Philippines is endured by all natural and manmade disasters; skyscrapers piercing the hazy sky and mushrooming from the grinding poverty of expansive shanty towns have turned manila into a sweating giant. But yet Manila’s moniker the “pearl of the orient”, revels the significance of love associated with this old city, which is filled with romantic places and activities. We’ve compiled some of the best things you can do to feel the love in the old city! Check them out!

Go For a Fancy Romantic Dinner

Located at 5 Julieta Circle, Horseshoe Village, Quezon City, Lemuria Gourmet is an ultimate date spot. Its gourmet dining, elegant interiors, and intimate ambiance all rolled into one hidden setting perfect for special date nights! Lemuria is known for serving French Mediterranean cuisine and during Valentine’s season, it also offers a menu specific for the occasion! The five-course menu is available from February 13-15 only so don’t miss out the chance to try it!

Feel Like Love in France

Home to the City of Love, it’s no surprise that many couples associate France to anything and everything romantic, even its cuisine. So for those in search of a cozy, dimly-lit French restaurant that exudes romance and yummy food, 210 Degrees Kitchen plus Drinkery is the place you’re looking for.

Give Your Date an Italian Touch

Italy is undoubtedly one of the most romantic places on Earth. But getting there, especially in time for Valentine’s Day, is probably just wishful thinking. So why not have the next best thing and bring your amore to Galileo Enoteca! Located at 80 Calbayog Street corner Malinao Street, Mandaluyong, Enoteca is the Italian word use to call a place that showcases wine. And a lot of wine you will find in Galileo Enoteca!

Propose Her with Passion

No matter what happens, you know that any proposal in Apartment 1 B will turn out great because the floor will always be good. Yes, the way to a woman’s heart is also through her stomach. The latest 1B apartment in the new Henry hotel, however is a stunning new take on this gourmet comfort-food staple. It has one of a kind “will you marry me?” Because the hotel decided to preserve elements from the original house, it has a charm that flaunts old-fashioned romance. This is the perfect place to ask that super important question in front of family.

Enjoy a Peaceful Date

If you and your special one desire to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, a meal at the Greg & Sally Tree Garden Cafe will be a great choice. Located in a peaceful corner in Marikina, the cafe is surrounded by greenery and serves up delicious Filipino comfort food. With spaces for indoor and outdoor dining, this place is popular with couples looking to celebrate their special moments.

Spend a Melodious Night Together

For couples who appreciate music, poetry, and live performances, Conspiracy Garden Cafe is the romantic place to beat. Located along Visayas Avenue in Quezon City, the cafe serves up delicious food and provides a stage for budding indie artists from the Metro. Open from 5pm to 2am, Mondays to Saturdays, their restaurant is great for the couple that appreciates the arts.

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