Best Vineyards in Australia You Must Visit

Best Vineyards in Australia You Must Visit

With more than 60 vineyards and Wine specific zones, Australia does the best for our taste buds. The local wineries where people flock for tastes can give France and Italy a run for their money. People visiting Australia with a taste bud for wines must visit these regions to taste some of the best wines in the world. But where to start from as the list of Best Vineyards in Australia is pretty long? So, we have handpicked some of the best vineyards in Australia which are considered awesome for their wine tasting techniques by the locals.

Leeuwin Estate Vineyards, Margaret River, Western Australia

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The best among the best vineyards in Australia is the Leeuwin Estate winery. Situated on the coast of the Margaret Riverfront, the estate has been equipped with some of the latest technologies of wine-making. It is the most modern and highly sensitive winery which is family owned. It is one of the five founding wineries within the region with some international accolades under its belt. Chardonnay is the best of the wines that get produced here. The estate has a huge market following in the world with presence in more than 30 major wine markets. You can visit this place for wine tasting at any time daily between 10am-5pm and Saturday evenings for dinner.

Skillogalee Vineyards, Clare Valley, Southern Australia

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Another name which had to pop up in our best vineyards in Australia list is the Skillogales Winery. The vineyard is situated in the Clare Valley of Southern Australia and is comprehensively family-owned. From its founding in 1940 till now, the winery is known for some of the best wines in the world. The list of wines includes the Riesling, Shiraz, Cabernet, Sauvignon, and Malbec. The restaurant here is one of the best in the valley with an outside verandah under the beautiful shade of the olive branches. You can have full proof wine tasting including breakfast, lunch, and dinner with some marvelous wine. The vineyard is situated 135 km north of Adelaide.

Pieter Van Gent Vineyard, Mudgee, NSW

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This vineyard is credited with manufacturing the fist of the Chardonnay wines in Australia in the year 1971. The winery went on to win all the wine medal in their career. So, this automatically becomes a must-have on our list of Best vineyards in Australia. The cellar door of the winery is located in an old barrel room with pew sitting and gilded wine bottles suspended from the ceiling. The structure thus looks really fresh though it has almost been 50 years of the establishment. If you are having an excellent taste bud for wines, you should visit from Wednesday to Sunday. On these days, the winery does a chocolate and wine pairing with local pralines. So, you should visit the winery on these days to get on a bicycle wine tour.

Krinklewood Biodynamic Vineyard, Hunter Valley, NSW

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This winery is pretty different as far as the wine tasting to its guest is concerned. Krinklewood Vineyard takes full inspiration from French Wineries where the cellar is set amongst the Provencal Gardens with the Wollombi Brook and Brokenback Range behind it. The winery is one hundred percent biodynamic with sustainable farming around it. So, your taste buds would only taste pure and natural quality of wines. So, don’t forget to visit this vineyard once you visit Australia or planning to visit there.

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