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Learn About The Man in Black at The Johnny Cash Museum in Nashville

He was known as the “Man in Black.” Johnny Cash’s contributions to country music and the art of creating music, in general, can never be fully calculated or appreciated in one lifetime. The legend left behind a body of artistic work that will be listened to, analyzed and lovingly appreciated for the foreseeable future. As long as the planet Earth still exists, and music is still appreciated as it is today, then there will always be new Johnny Cash fans and veteran fans who will find something new to appreciate in his music with every listen. That truth is a testament to the power of the music of Johnny Cash. Whether you were a country music fan or not, his music, words, and poetry touched people in their souls and hearts.

Johnny Cash, the Motivation behind the Museum

With the music of Johnny Cash, there is always something new to learn and appreciate. The founders and curators of the Johnny Cash Museum in Nashville, Tennessee feel the same way. They wanted to help the world learn even more about the man, the music, and legend of Johnny Cash. The Johnny Cash Museum was founded in 2013 by a close friend of his, a man named Bill Miller. The museum started out modestly and was mainly filled with items and mementos from Miller’s own personal collection. Due to burgeoning popularity visitor demand quickly outpaced the space requirements of the initial Johnny Cash Museum.

The museum then underwent extensive expansion and renovation work to meet steadily growing demand and was finally completed earlier this year. At the Johnny Cash Museum, you will be able to see his costumes, personal letters, numerous collections of music awards and his personal bible. Visitors will be able to see his vast instrument collection and even set pieces from his legendary music videos.

Museum’s Bongo Java Cafe

Even the chili that is served in the museum’s Bongo Java Café was made according to Cash’s own family recipe! You will be able to channel your own inner music producer spirit and hand mix or remix a Johnny Cash song in the museum’s visitor friendly and interactive music studio. You will also be able to appreciate how Cash’s music, sound, and production values evolved from his very first performances to his last music video for the song, “Hurt.” Johnny Cash’s death is not mentioned at all anywhere in the museum exhibition. Miller and the founders of the museum feel that his life should be gloriously celebrated. His talent and music transcended his mortal form and the founders of the museum believe that visitors and newcomers alike should be exposed to that, instead of particulars about his death.

Worth of the Ticket

Ticket are $18 for adults and $17 for senior citizens and members of the military. Children aged 6 to 15 pay $14. Children under 5 years of age with adult supervision are admitted free. You can learn more about the Johnny Cash Museum here. At the end of your visit, you can take a green-screen enabled photo of yourself with Johnny Cash as a keepsake. So, whether you are a country music fan or not, you will definitely learn something new about Johnny Cash at the Johnny Cash Museum in Nashville.


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