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The Underestimated Leisure of Hot Air Balloon Rides

The world can look incredibly indescribable from up there. From a hot air balloon, I mean. Have you ever been in a hot air balloon? If not, then you are really missing out on something. After all, you are probably going to take many forms of transportation while going to or coming from the quest for leisure. Chances are good that at some point during your last vacation, you probably took a ride on a train, airliner, cruise liner, bus, automobile, RV, bicycle, snowmobile, jet ski and so on. Think about it; you probably took a plane to a car to a boat to bus to go to a hotel or resort just to have fun riding a jet ski for a week or two. Well, considering the intense human need to sightsee while being transported on vacation, you should seek out the opportunity to ride a hot air balloon while on vacation. Whenever possible.

The Aerial Scenery from Hot Balloon

You can’t appreciate the aerial scenery, the thrill of being thousands of feet off the ground or the exhilaration of flight in an airplane or helicopter in the same way as a hot air balloon. Hot air balloons have been around since the 18th century. When they were first developed, they were contemporaneously viewed as a means to potentially end the war before it started.  (By allowing different sides to spy on each other.) The infancy years of the American space program involved the use of hot air balloons. They were used to measure distance, air pressure and other overly-technical things. The late 19th century literary work Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne used the hot air balloon as a major plot device and story element.

Hot Air Balloon Adventure

There was a time when the sight of a hot air balloon awakened a sense of exploratory adventure and the human need for discovery. Nowadays?  Not so much. They are primarily used nowadays for fun, leisure, and recreational viewing. Yet, they were meant for bigger things. Passed over by modernity, they are now used for fun and sightseeing. Of course, most people hardly think of riding a hot air balloon in lieu of riding a jet ski for the umpteenth time. Already passed over by modernity and convenience of the jet engine, hot air balloons are now usually passed over because of unimaginative vacation planning.

Hot Air Balloon Industry in Myanmar

It is would be a shame and a waste of recreational time not to try to seek out a hot air balloon ride. It fact, you can find professional hot air balloon companies all over the world.

April through October are the best months to arrange a hot air balloon ride in Turkey. The city of Cappadocia alone has over 50 hot air balloon companies. Myanmar has a well-known and burgeoning hot air balloon industry. Vermont and New Hampshire operate large-scale hot air balloon festivals on a regular basis. If you can plant your finger on a globe, a hot air balloon opportunity can’t be far off. The maximum height ceiling for a hot air balloon, especially those used in science analysis, can be as high as 22,000 feet. However, most hot air balloon rides used for recreation purposes will not go higher than a few thousand feet. In the near future, we may even have 19-mile high, low Earth orbit capable space hot air balloon rides for $75,000-a-person.

However, back here in the present, a single person can ride a hot air balloon for $250 or so, but that is more of an average price. There are always group discounts rates and of course, rates differ depending on the company, event, and number of people riding the balloon.

Hot Air Balloon Used as an Exploratory Adventure

The hot air balloon lost out to science, exploratory adventure, and modernity. Yet the ability to charter a ride on a hot air balloon is a victory for the tourism and recreation industry everywhere. And for you. You can probably describe in detail your last bike ride, snowmobile ride or rented car ride while on vacation. Your first or 100th ride on a hot air balloon will be near indescribable and overpowering in exhilaration.




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