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Museum Day Trips for Kids

Museum Day Trips for Kids

Many (if not all) children cringe when they hear the word “museum”. Why? Well, that’s simple. Museums are boring to them! They can’t touch anything and they have to be quiet! Children deserve and do better with a hands-on and fun experience when it comes to learning. Take your child to one of the exhibits if you’re nearby!

The National Museum of Play (Rochester, New York)

This museum has something for all ages. Neither you nor your child will want to leave this land of wonderment.

The Delaware Children’s Museum (Wilmington, Delaware)

This museum has a 30-foot climbing structure for the active kids, an art studio for the mellow kids, and everything in between.

The Children’s Museum of the Arts (New York, New York)

This museum does a great job at inspiring your child to be creative and think outside of the box. It helps develop very important life skills.

The International Spy Museum (Washington, DC)

This super cool museum is all about spies and their gadgets! The gift shop is something that you won’t want to skip!

The California Academy of Sciences (San Francisco, California)

Experience an aquarium, a planetarium, and a natural history museum all in the same place! Kids can touch sea stars and other amazing animals!

The Montreal Biodome (Montreal, Quebec)

Travel to all of the different regions without taking a flight. Your kid will get to see different ecosystems under one roof.

Dinosaur Ridge (Morrison, Colorado)

Hike to see real dinosaur footprints. You can take a tour while you learn about what life was like 100 million years ago. Why not dig some fossils afterward?

The Brooklyn Children’s Museum (Brooklyn, New York)

This is the first children’s museum in the country. After undergoing extensive reconstruction you can now take your kids to do more great things to boost their learning potential!

The Skirball Cultural Center (Los Angeles, CA)

Take your kids to explore the 8,000 square foot Noah’s Ark exhibit. Skirball hosts many different family programs on the weekends as well.

Port Discovery (Baltimore, Maryland)

This museum is perfect for tiny tots and kids of all ages. It has many different activities to offer in many different ways for your children to navigate through them.

Wrapping Up

The possibilities to educate your child are endless. A children’s museum is the perfect way to expose your child to culture while allowing them to have fun. Hey, you just might have fun yourself.


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