Visit Some Exciting Destinations in Marmaris, Turkey

Visit Some Exciting Destinations in Marmaris, Turkey

Marmaris is one of the best and most attractive cities to visit in Turkey. It lies on the coast of the Mediterranean in the southwest region of Turkey. The economy of Marmaris is always depending on the number of tourists that flock every year to enjoy its villages and shorelines. Marmaris grew a lot throughout the years from all the touring and fishing expeditions that allowed a village to grow into the city it is now after huge construction projects took place during the 1980s. The geographic location of Marmaris puts it in the middle of two mountains and a sea shoreline. Although it's population doesn't exceed 31,000 people it grows all the way to 300,000 people during the tourism season. Marmaris tourists don't just come for the beaches and the calming villages filled with shops and souvenirs. They come for the constantly exciting nightlife that fills the city's streets.

What for Marmaris is Known For?

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Marmaris is known for its diving spots and sailing opportunities, and each year more and more people travel to its shorelines to check out what the global hype about its waters is all about. The weather in Marmaris is considered tropically hot and humid, but the air feels cool all over the shoreline where all the tourists stay when they visit the city. It barely rains in Marmaris making it a perfect location for anyone who enjoys a nice dry climate. It gets really hot during the summer but it’s perfect when hitting the beaches and going in the cool water. Tourists usually don't end up in Marmaris until September arrives due to the exceptionally hot weather that strikes the city during the months of June and July. Even though Marmaris has no records of who discovered its land, it has a castle in it that is said to be around since the year 3,000 B.C. You can easily check out the locations of everything by acquiring the Marmaris yellow pages and Marmaris business directory.

What to Visit while in Marmaris?

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There are plenty of sites which one can visit while being in Marmaris. As it is also known by another name as the Turquoise Coast, it has long pebbly beaches covered with long seafront promenade. It has some liveliest crowd in the world with awesome nightlife in on the Bar Street, which has open-air clubs to exciting music venues also. Apart from the nightlife, Marmaris is a hot tourist destination for sailing and diving lovers who come here to enjoy the pine-forested mountains and clearer waters.

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Not only does the adventures bring the tourists here, the city is also fully equipped with historical panorama. The 16th Century Marmaris castle was the stronghold of Suleiman, the Magnificent. It was later converted into an archaeological venue with offers vision into city’s glorious past.

Beyond the city are present the bays and coves which can be reached by boats from Marina. gület (schooner) cruises are the most common to reach that parts of coves and bays. One such spot is the beach at Cedar Island, which is also called Cleopatra’s Isle because Cleopatra and Mark Antony are said to have swum there.




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