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Daycation Tips

Daycation Tips

Daycations are a great way to get a break from the routine and have a little fun without the bank-breaking logistical nightmare that is planning a full-fledged vacation. Daycations are better than a staycation because you actually get to go out into the world and to a new setting. Daycations are, as the name would suggest, day-long trips that pack in all the adventure and sightseeing of a vacation into a shorter time frame. You don’t just have to do one outing. You can do a series of outings. But it is essential to keep in mind a few simple guidelines to get the most out of your daycation.

Don’t Go too Far Afield

Stay within driving distance and within the bounds of a day trip. Any place that’s going to take you more than a few hours to drive to is too far because you will end up spending your whole day in the car rather than on your daycation.

Bring a Road Mix

Since you are going to be spending at least some amount of time in the car, it is essential that you have the proper tunes. Music is the staple of any good road trip. Prep your mix ahead of time so there won’t be any arguments about what to listen to. Make sure the tone is upbeat and keep the vibe excited without going over the top and making everyone fancy.

Bring Travel Snacks and Games

It’s always best to be prepared for the travel and possible wait times. Bring games to keep yourselves occupied. Snacks are important because you won’t want to waste time on the road stopping for meals and they will also help you keep costs down.

Be a Tourist for the Day

Even though you will be staying relatively close to home, think like a tourist. It will show you your home from a new perspective and you might see something you never noticed before. Check travel guides and local tourist centers for tips. Great daycation destinations are museums, parks, and anywhere else an out of towner would think to go to when visiting.

Stay Within Your Budget

The point of a daycation is that the costs will be manageable. It’s okay to splurge a little here and there because you are not paying for an extravagant vacation, but keep in mind that the goal is to have fun and save money.

Wrapping Up

Make the most out of the day but don’t overstuff. Do as much as you can but don’t push yourselves. You do not want to be stressed out on your daycation. Going to one museum and really taking the time to get to know it is better than trying to stuff too much into one day. And remember that you can always go back because you are close to home. Just plan another daycation.

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