3 Best Small-Scale Cruises for a Crowd-less Cruising

3 Best Small-Scale Cruises for a Crowd-less Cruising

Planning a cruise but worried about the crowded and giant cruises that barely have a space to stand and relax? Go for the small-scale cruises that are big on luxury and small on a crowd. Keep reading this post and learn about top 3 small-scale cruises you can consider for your first cruising experience.

Here we go!

Bodrum, Turkey

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What does a small-scale cruising mean to you? If it is a small cruise with some traditional elements embedded, then the Turkey Gulet cruise would be the best for you. Traditional wooden gulets that are twin-masted, has been with us since the classical times. It is the all wooden look of the gulets that make cruising a whole unique thing. When boarded on a Turkish gulet cruise, you will get to experience an unforgettable cruising experience with snapshots of magnificent Aegean and Mediterranean coasts on your mind. Turkish Gulets are also known as blue cruise and boat gulets that are totally picturesque.

What to expect:

The cruise with all wooden look may steal your heart from the outside but inside, it’s a different story. From the inside, it’s an eight cabin gulet wherein you can sleep comfortably. swim, sunbathe, have luscious food, and enjoy some light sightseeing.

Evia, Greece

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Discover Evia with region’s traditional wooden cruises and enjoy scrambling among ancient ruins. Evia, the second-largest island of Greece, is popular for its tranquil fishing experience and delicious local Mediterranean cuisine. The Evia cruising is more popular in domestic tourists than the foreigners, which is something unique for a cruise island. So, if you residing somewhere close to the island, plan a cruise holiday at Evia and let your kids and loved ones explore by caique and get mesmerized by the incredible sightseeing.

Exciting things to do:

Relax on a boat - On day one, you can simply relax and cruise around the beautiful Greek island of Evia on a traditional wooden boat. You can do this for six-eight days without feeling bored.

Swimming - Get a chance to swim in the warm, azure waters of the Aegean Sea which is undoubtedly picturesque. And yes, do not forget to put on your snorkel. You will be needing that.

Sightseeing - Cruise around the island and explore the best parts of Greece.

Dine out - A healthy local Mediterranean cuisine is all that you need to accomplish the traditional greek surroundings. A perfect food for a perfect cruise!

Senegal to the Gambia

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Looking for a wild cruising experience? If yes, then you should consider visiting the Senegal island of Gambia to experience the wilder side of cruising. Deep into the interior of West Africa along the length of the Gambia River, this is a cruise which will give you a chance to explore and discover the “dark continent” at a leisurely pace. Cruising at the Gambian cruise is surely a cruise with a difference. Stopping at traditional villages, exploring the pristine nature reserves, spotting wildlife, countless birds and of course the incredible Gambian people is what makes this cruise unique.

Things you shouldn’t miss

  • Countless birds

  • Magnificent wildlife on the river bank

  • The beautiful Bao Bolong Wetland Reserve

  • Glimpses of the native markets

  • A traditional pirogue trip

  • The incredible Gambian people

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get yourself ready for a perfect cruise vacation. We have listed the best 3 small cruises for you and now it's your turn to pick one that fits you. 

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