The Best 3-Day Weekend Cruises From Miami, Florida

The Best 3-Day Weekend Cruises From Miami, Florida

Short on time but have a long list of plans? If such is your current situation, the best 3-day weekend cruises from Miami is just a ticket to heaven. If you are really looking forward to adding some fun in the sun, the 3-day cruises would get what you want without disturbing your budget. Therefore, read this post to get revealed to the best 3-day weekend cruises from Miami in Florida.

3 Day Cruises From Miami, Florida

With the itinerary of 3-day cruises from Florida port, you can experience all the fun and pleasure of being on a fun-filled sailing. These cruises travel from Florida's port to the Bahamas for short but fun tropical getaways. On these cruises, you can find bars, casinos, restaurants, pools, spas etc. but the amusement is not completed when you don’t get off your board. Here in this post, you will learn about the best cruises that will sail you around Miami and the fun activities that will keep you going throughout the trip. Here are the best weekend cruises from Miami to consider, from party ships to more family-friendly options.

Day 1- Start Your Journey From Miami

Let’s get on the board and start the journey with Carnival Sensation from Miami. This particular cruise offers budget-friendly sail which suits both bachelors and person with the family. You can enjoy a guided adventure in the comfort of an air-conditioned sightseeing vehicle, discovering the top attractions of Miami. Since the cruise is equipped with the latest technology and features like spas, pool, bars, casinos, etc., it is sure that you won’t get bored during the boat ride. 

Day 2-  Reach Midway Nassau

After departing to Nassau, you can enjoy your day with a friendly dolphin, playing or swimming with them. Take the excitement up a notch by feeding with your hands, this experience would make a memory of the trip for sure. An adventure-packed trip with fun on Blue Lagoon Island will definitely make some memorable memories and this is the place where dreams come true for Dolphins, Sea Lions, and Rays Lovers!

Day 3-  Last But Fun Day At Sea

Last but certainly not the least, now you have reached the place where you have to say to Goodbye to the relaxing and amazing sailing experience. So it has to be big and full of fun by planning your trip by adding games, clubbing on the list that you want to enjoy doing on the last day of the cruise. Don’t forget to enjoy the delicious Mexican cuisines that will give your tongue a taste of delight.

Wrapping Up

Before making an itinerary to Florida, make sure to search online the best cruises for a weekend from Miami in Florida. Hope this post must have guided you to the right direction if so, do not forget to write us in the comment section below. We value your thoughts and happy sail to you!

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