Underrated National Parks in the World

Underrated National Parks in the World

Throughout America, there are National Parks that people always hear about and are the staple for visitors traveling the nation. Just about anywhere you go, there are National Parks that tend to get all of the attention, even though there are some that can offer visitors more and could be 'underrated' so to speak because they don't get the attention they deserve. These National Parks are some of the most gorgeous and should get recognition along with the others out there that get movie spots, tourists attractions and the like.

Biscayne National Park in Florida

For instance, take the Biscayne National Park in Florida where around ninety-five percent of the park is underwater. Sitting near Miami, Biscayne is 173,000 acres of clear water that features the third largest coral reef in the world and goes over the sea-grass shallows of Biscayne Bay. The snorkeling and scuba diving are amazing adventures as you get to swim with over 200 species of fish and are within driving reach of the Mandalay, a sunken cruiser from 1966 that is one of 72 shipwrecks in the park.

Isle Royale National Park

The Isle Royale National Park (pictured) is located in near Thunder Bay, Canada and is the largest island in the world's largest body (by surface area) of freshwater, Lake Superior in Michigan. Accessible by only boat or seaplane, this park is one of the least visited, getting around 14,000 annual visitors and closes in the winter, although it has the highest backcountry use. It's the only place that has moose and wolves coexisting without bears at the top of the predator pole and has freshwater clams, snails, and insects in large sizes.

Gunnison National Park in Colorado

If you head to the Gunnison National Park in Colorado, the Black Canyon is a must-go-to destination as the Gunnison goes down the steepest mountain descent of any river in the nation and the canyon is one of the most amazing you will see. Along the North Rim is a great campground, located at the lip of a plunge into the gorge which reaches around 2,000 feet. If you're looking for some adventure on this trip, try rafting the Gunnison itself, which will take you through Class III to IV rapids through a canyon that is sometimes only 40 feet wide with rock walls rising up hundreds of feet.

Channel Islands

Just off the coast of some Southern California beaches, you'll look across the water and see the Channel Islands, five of which are protected as a National Park. While there are fewer than 30,000 people that make the trek to the islands, there are 175 miles of shores that are perfect breeding grounds for harbor seals and sea lions, and the islands have more than 2,000 plant and animal species (145 of which are found nowhere else in the world). For anyone visiting the islands, a boat tour during whale migrations (blue and humpback in summer, gray from late December to mid-March) is one of the premier activities, along with an easy, 1.5-mile hike along the Anacapa Loop trail along the ridgeline.

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