Get in Touch with Nature in Jamaica

Get in Touch with Nature in Jamaica

Jamaica is the fifth largest country in the Caribbean. The capital and largest city is Kingston. Kingston is home to the Bob Marley Museum, one of Jamaica’s most famous residents. But when people come to Jamaica, it usually isn’t for the cities. Each area in Jamaica has its own natural wonders to explore. Here is a list of the best places to visit and things to do in 4 of Jamaica’s top neighborhoods.


Ocho Rios

Dunn’s River Falls & Park: Rock climbing and waterfalls. $20 entrance fee for adults.

The Blue Hole: A tarzan swing and bright blue waters. $10 entrance fee.

Tubing the White River: An hour-long guided excursion along the river.

Mystic Mountain Rainforest: A zip line, bobsledding, a waterslide, a hummingbird garden and more, Mystic Mountain is fun for the whole family. Attractions are sold separately and can get quite pricey.


Montego Bay

Croydon Plantation: Just outside Montego Bay, you can tour this coffee and pineapple plantation for $70.

Doctor’s Cave Beach: $6 for the day will get you into one of the area’s most popular beaches.

Rocklands Bird Sanctuary: See endemic species and have hummingbirds eat straight from your hands via bottles of sugar water. Cost is $20.

White Witch Golf Course: 18 holes spread over 200 acres.



Seven Mile Beach: The beach is, you guessed it, seven miles of white sand, vendors, and blue waters.

Mayfield Falls: 2 waterfalls, 21 natural pools, and 52 species of ferns, along with plenty of wildlife. $15 to enter.


Port Antonio

Blue Lagoon: Deep waters renamed after the Brooke Shields movie. Boat tours are $30.

Reach Falls: This off the beaten path waterfall is great for scenic solitude.

Boston Beach: White sand beach with waters great for surfing. No cost to enter.


Blue Mountains National Park

In eastern Jamaica, you can’t miss out on this beauty of nature. If you’re not up for a hike, the park is also the home of the world famous Blue Mountain Coffee. Sit down, sip your drink, and take in the scenery.

Image by Chris Ford on Flickr Creative Commons.

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