Know About Wuhan Province of China

Know About Wuhan Province of China

Wuhan is a unique city located in China near the Yangtze and Han Rivers. In fact, it is the largest city in the area and also serves as the capital of Hubei Province. Many people have a desire to visit the location because of its rich history that is complete with traditional Chinese culture. It is also popular because of its location near major waterways. In addition, the city essentially serves as a hub for transportation of various methods and as such, it is a much more modern city than are many of the other cities in and around the area.

Wuhan as an Important Economic and Political Powerhouse

There are many other things which make Wuhan a unique. For example, this city has a great deal of culture and it serves as an educational mainstay. The city also exercises a great deal of power when it comes to political and financial institutions and as such, it is a dramatic influence over other cities in China. The city is so popular that it has been growing steadily for quite some time.

History of Wuhan

Like many other cities in China, Wuhan has a long and storied history that dates back over 3,000 years. Most of its history centers around finding new methods of transportation as well as developing political and economic forces that still affect the entire Republic of China today. Until only a few years ago, the city typically flooded to devastating proportions. However, a large dam was put in place which has held the waters back, at least to date. Dating the Han Dynasty, the oldest of the Chinese dynasties, the Hanyang was a very busy port of China where the most famous battles in the Chinese history were fought. The central event in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms – the Battle of Red Cliffs was fought in the areas near the cliffs of Wuhan. Later the great wall of China was built in the Hanyang Province to safeguard it from the foreign invaders of the sea.

Travel Locations in Wuhan

Many people look for information about a particular city before they visit and Wuhan is no different. By looking Wuhan yellow pages or Wuhan business directory, it is easy to find the information that you are looking for which is specific to your personal needs or interests. Whatever the reason that you are planning to visit Wuhan may be, you can rest assured that you will be seeing a great city that has a tremendous amount of history and culture, yet still manages to embrace the unknown in order to forge new ways of living today. There are so many cultural and historical heritage that the city keeps safe in its forever hands like the Wuchang, the largest and the second largest lakes in China. The Hubei Provincial Museum has the history of Wuhan showcased in order to glorify it properly. The Yellow Crane Tower built in the 220 AD marks as the important locations of the region while the Wuying Pagoda or popularly known as ‘Shadowless Pagoda’ stands tall as the oldest architectural feature in Wuhan directly descending from the Song Dynasty.


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