Best Places to Visit in Milan, Italy

Best Places to Visit in Milan, Italy

Milan is known to be one of the top cities to live in when it comes to Italian cities and the European region. Its population grows healthy each making its total amount of people living there at the time lightly exceeding 1.3 million locals. Milan is the 4th in size among other European cities making it a very attractable place to visit and live in. Founded by no one other than the Celtic people, the city had its share of seizures and invasions until it became a part of the Kingdom of Italy in 1859.

How Milan became the Strongest Banking Sector in the World?

Milan became one of the strongest banking sectors in the world after its economy slowly began to rise over time. World War II and the mess it left the European region devastated Milan, but when the war was over, it made the city a symbol of resistance against the Nazi regime. After the war was over and Milan's economy began to thrive, immigrants from all over the world decided to leave their home countries and establish a new base of residence in Milan. The immigrants boosted Milan and Italy's economy through financial, educational, and commercial industries making it a leader in the global economy.

Milan hosts many of the world's finest exhibitions like the Milan Cathedral, the fifth largest cathedral known to our world. Besides the cathedral, it also holds a great weight over the fashion world and how it aspires over time. Milan has a stock exchange that boosts its sectors of industries year by year with nothing but global excellence from corporations. It is filled with museums and landmarks to appeal to it's 6 million visitors who make way for Milan to enjoy what it has to offer on a yearly basis.

The Milan Fashion Week

Milan holds the world's largest fashion event show known as Milan Fashion Week and it continues to produce events that attract more and more people to its streets. Enjoying what Milan has to offer can be easily done by checking out the Milan Yellow Pages and Milan Business Directory.

Tourist Attractions in Milan

The Last Supper

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It is Milan’s most famous Mural, Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper. it is hidden away on a wall of the refectory adjoining the Basilica di Santa Maria Delle Grazie.


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The pink Cadoglia Marble, it is Milan’s extravagant Gothic Cathedral which took 600 years in making. It reflects the city’s creativity and ambition with pearly white façade and adorned with 135 spires and 3400 statues rising like the filigree of fairy tale tiara.

Pinacoteca di Brera

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This tourist spot is located upstairs from the centuries-old Academia di Belle Arti. The gallery houses impressive collection of Old Masters and much of it has been taken out from Venice by Napolean. Rubens, Goya, and Van Dyck all have a place in the collection, but you're here for the Italians: Titian, Tintoretto, Veronese and the Bellini brothers.  

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