Best Tourist Destinations of Madrid, Spain

Best Tourist Destinations of Madrid, Spain

The city of Madrid is the capital of Spain and the largest city there. It has an urban population of approximately 3.3 million people. In fact, Madrid is the third largest city in the entire European Union, only being beat by Berlin and London. People come from all around the world to visit Madrid. There are many hotels, hostels, and serviced apartments to stay in, and the Madrid business directory has lists of all of the most famous tourist spots and popular destinations.

Madrid for Food Lovers

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Madrid has a unique array of foods for both those native to the region and for visitors and foreigners. Some of these foods may be quite exotic for those not accustomed to them. For example, "Oreja" is pig's ears, and "Rabo de toro" is stuffed cow or bull's tail. For something a little simpler, "Huevos roots" are fried eggs over some French fries, or "Patatas braves" are fried potatoes with spicy tomato sauce. For individuals, families, or groups visiting the city of Madrid and looking for a place to eat, check the Madrid yellow pages for the best eateries and tapas bars in town is a great way to enjoy the cuisine there.

When to Visit Madrid?

The weather in Madrid is typically sunny and dry. The months of June, July, August are very hot, however, residents and visitors will need jackets from December to February. There is not much rain in Madrid, but the rain that does fall will be concentrated in March and April and October and September. Because of its moderate weather, Madrid has visitors year-round and an active nightlife every night. There are many bars and clubs to go to when the sun goes down, and during the day, the city is rich with history, art, music, and Spanish culture. There is something for everyone in Madrid.

Tourist Attractions of Madrid

Museo Del Prado

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It can be understood as World’s most premier art galleries of the modern times having the honors of hosting celebrities and world leaders. It contains more than 7000 paintings of which more than 1500 are currently on display. They form part of the entrance to the knowledge of rich cultural and historical heritage of the Spanish Era. The museum contains royal’s paintings of vagaries of the Spanish soul, at once grand and imperious in the royal paintings of Velázquez, darkly tumultuous in Las Pintura’s Negras (The Black Paintings) of Goya.

Plaza de Toros

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Plaza de Toros Monumental De Las Ventas is situated in the East of Central Madrid. It was the most important and highly valuable bullrings in the World and one must visit here to gain cultural knowledge of the Spanish Capital. Its architecture is the window to its glorious past.

Palacio Real

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The Lavish Palacio Real is Jewel box of a palace and used occasionally for royal ceremonies. Earlier the royal family used to live at this place but they moved to Palacio de la Zarzuela years ago. When the alcázar burned down on Christmas Day 1734, Felipe V, the first of the Bourbon kings, decided to build a palace that would dwarf all its European counterparts.

Parque del Buen Retiro

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It can be considered as the glorious gardens of El Retiro and most beautiful in entire Europe. Its been surrounded by monuments, landscaped lawns, the Palacio de Cristal and abundant greenery. It is a must visit while being in Madrid.


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