What to Pack for a Trip to Ireland

What to Pack for a Trip to Ireland

In spring, summer, autumn, and winter, Ireland always stays beautiful. You can never have enough of the rolling green countryside, the magnificent cliffs, the small towns, or the metropolitan wonder of Dublin. It's a popular travel destination for anyone who's interested in getting to know more of Europe.

Must-Have Essentials in Ireland

Below is a list of essential items to pack as you get ready for your Irish experience.

Travel Documents: A passport is essential for entering and leaving Ireland and serves as valid ID anywhere you travel in the country. Make sure that your passport has been renewed. US citizens with a valid passport are able to stay up to 3 months in Ireland without a visa.

Money: Unlike the neighboring UK, Ireland uses the Euro as its official currency. You can use a money belt hidden under your clothes to protect your currency while traveling, although the country's generally safe enough that you can manage by leaving your money in your wallet and keeping it in a front or inner pocket.

Cold Weather Clothing: Even in the middle of summer, Ireland can be cold, with occasional bursts of rain and plenty of overcast days. Winter nights can become absolutely freezing, too. Bring a light jacket or sweater for when you go outdoors and something a little heavier for rain. Wear long pants and thick socks to keep yourself dry. If you want to blend in with the locals, dress in darker, more conservative colors.

Sunglasses: It's not uncommon during spring or summer for the same day to have both sudden rainfall and clear, sunny skies. As the sun can be very bright after a short stint of rain, it's best to keep your eyes protected and have sunglasses ready.

Umbrellas: Rain is less of a weather condition in Ireland and more of a national pastime. You should invest in a small and reliable umbrella or buy a waterproof hat (of which you'll find plenty in the tourist shops).

Toiletries: It should go without saying that you'll want the usual bathroom essentials like toothpaste and deodorant, but there are a few items that any traveler to the Emerald Isle might appreciate. To protect your lips from chafing due to windy days or weather conditions along the coast, bring chapstick. To protect your skin from intense sunlight after a rainy morning, bring sunscreen. If you plan on going on a boat or ferry (and are prone to seasickness), then anti-nausea pills would be in order.

Electronics: Ireland doesn't use the three-pronged electrical outlets found in the US or the UK, so you'll need a plug adapter along with any power cords you use to charge your phone and other electronic devices. If your phone doesn't come equipped with one, consider buying a reliable camera with plenty of storage space for all the photos you're going to take.


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