Free Things to Do in Amsterdam

Free Things to Do in Amsterdam

The city of many canals, Amsterdam is also known as the “Venice of the North”. River Ij which flows alongside the Amsterdam brings more beauty to the city. In Amsterdam at Bloemenmarkt which is a floating flower market has an impressive array of flowers and plants, including the very famous Dutch tulips. With so many beautiful things around, are you looking for awesome, free things to do in beautiful Amsterdam?

So here are the 10 free things to in Amsterdam:



Visiting Begijnhof is one of the free things that one can do in Amsterdam. The Netherland is well known for its courtyards with the almshouses all around. Most of these courtyards are open to the public. Begijnhof is a courtyard where unmarried religious women used to live in the 14th century. In Begijnhof one can still discover a little chapel, which is the oldest mansion in the Amsterdam.

Cheese Museum

Do you like to have cheese? Or do you want to have the typical Dutch food? If yes, then do visit the Cheese Museum. Here the entry is absolutely free and also offers free samples of the specialty cheeses. It is near to the famous Anne Frank House in the Jordaan. It is a must visit when in Amsterdam!

Free Concerts

Amsterdam has many free concerts that one can visit if looking for some fun things to do in Amsterdam. The Royal Concertgebouw organizes concerts on every Wednesday at 12:30 where one can have a free lunch, as well as Muziektheater, also organizes free concerts on Tuesdays at the same time. If the jazz music is loved and enjoyed by anyone, then do visit the Bimhuis, which is a nice place that offers the concert every week in the evening.  It’s the best thing to do in Amsterdam if one loves music and is a musician.

Dam Square Especially At Night

Visiting the Dam Square is definitely among the top 10 free things to do in Amsterdam. With some very buildings around having a regal look are beautifully lightened up at night. The Dam Square is a great spot in Amsterdam to wander about and have the views, especially when it is dark.  

Open-air Market

Visiting the open market is the next free thing to do in Amsterdam. On the weekends, there are many markets spread over Amsterdam. One can find almost anything in these open-air markets therefore just walk around and enjoy the atmosphere of these market. When going to the market in the Jordaan area,  particularly on Saturday one can see and hear the original Dutch street organ.

Performance in Vondelpark

If one loves the green spaces around and then start heading towards the  Vondelpark which is one of the Amsterdam’s oldest and is among the most popular parks. Visiting Vondelpark is a super free thing to do in the Amsterdam. Organize a picnic and relax under a shady tree and enjoy the park’s fantastic program right from the children’s theatre to contemporary dance.

Public Library of Amsterdam

If one is in Amsterdam, just do not forget to visit the world-famous library which is one of the largest in Europe, that measures approximately 28,000 sq in size. The library is a very unique place, having the extraordinary architecture.

Ferry to Amsterdam North

Reach Amsterdam North at no cost with the ferry, otherwise all public transport will charge the fee. One can take the ferry look for the central station. From here the ferries run after every 5-10 minutes to North Amsterdam.

Civic Guards Gallery

Most of the people who visit Amsterdam is unaware of this free expo. The Kalverstraat Gate is connected with the Amsterdam Historical Museum and here one can see 15 huge paintings. These paintings depict the Civic Guards of the 1600s who served at that time in the Amsterdam.

Rijksmuseum garden

Among all the free things to do in Amsterdam, the Rijksmuseum Gardens are also a place about which a lot of people don’t know. Here the Baroque Gardens and the Renaissance are open to the public. Additionally, one will get a free printed guide when visiting that will explain the history of the statues, ponds, fountains,  and architectural pieces.

So, get started with your vacations and make it awesome with aforementioned 10 best things that you can do in Amsterdam. 

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