Travel Tips: Going on a Cruise

Author: Brandon


So you are going on a cruise? Before you go on a cruise, there are quite a few travel tips that you might want to take into consideration to help make your trip perfect and your voyage an easy going one. This will give you a great idea of what to take with you and precautions to make sure your home is safe while you are gone. Before you leave the house, it is important that you take a few precautions before you leave to make sure that people don’t get the idea that nobody is home. An overflowing mailbox and a stack of newspapers is a good way to let possible intruders know the house is unattended so be sure to put a hold on those services with the post office or newspaper provider and you can’t collect your items whenever you get back. Also make sure you turn off ringers or set it to a minimum amount of rings so it isn’t endlessly going off, giving the hint that you are not home. Now, when you’re packing, there are a few items that you will need and a few items that you won’t need when putting your bags together. You won’t need to take up space with towels is unnecessary because the cruise will provide them for you when you’re on board and when going off onto port (if needed then). This will free up room for important items like sunblock, first-aid kits, hats to protect from sun, or warmer clothing if you’re cruise is during a cooler time period.

Be sure to keep track of your account balance on your board charge card so that you know how much you can use or if you have money to get back at the end of your trip. Also, having extra camera batteries, an umbrella for strollers (for all you moms out there) and extra copies of your documents will make it a much enjoyable experience for you and the people you are with. Having some plastic bags with you for wet clothing is also beneficial when you are packing up to leave so you’re not allowing all of your clothes to get wet from the damp clothing. If you want to make sure your room stays cleaner, having a mesh, pop-up laundry hamper could make it very neat while you are on board and makes everything easy to find when you pack to leave the ship. Another essential thing to make sure you have is adequate cash to tip or pay gratuities because the crew on the ship works hard to take care of you; it will also be needed for excursions off the boat. Try to check prices and appointment information for spas or salons aboard ahead of time so you won’t be disappointed when you get on board. Follow these tips and enjoy your travels! Happy Cruising!


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