Top Spas in the United States

There’s nothing like a little bit of rest and relaxation to rid yourself of the stress that you may get at work and what better way to receive the rest and relaxation than by going to an amazing spa? It’s never a bad idea to go to a place where you will get pampered and taken care of by some professionals to ease tension on your mind and throughout your body. So, what are some of the best spas that you can visit in the United States and where are they? That’s exactly what we are here to tell you. We are going to help you find some of the best spas for whatever it is that you are looking for to calm your mind, body and soul. Ojai Valley Inn & Spa - Located in Ojai, California, this Spanish-style inn and spa has been a getaway for many people including some Hollywood stars. There are plenty of events that you can partake in and the spa will help you arrange them like tennis, art classes, horseback riding, golf, or maybe you just want to jump in the lap pool. The gym is a bit tiny, but the Tectrix virtual-reality bikes are an amazing treat for working out. People love the Kuyam which is an updated Chumash Indian sweat lodge that allows you to inhale lemongrass-infused steam while you are coated with cleansing mud and herbs. Sea Island Spa at the Cloister - The spa in Sea Island, Georgia is a wonderful location to get personal attention with some great amenities. The best treatment to receive is the soothing sea stones massage which is the spa’s equivalent of hot-rocks therapy. To get in some exercise, take the OUT (outdoor ultimate training) class in which you complete and exercise routing on the beach using natural props and then take the Flair of Flavor cooking series for some great food. The Greenbrier - Located in White Sulpher Springs, West Viriginia, this is the perfect spa to allow yourself to get completely spoiled if you have the money for it, of course. The focus of the spa is on European Hydrotherapies with private spring-water soaking tubs, Swiss showers, a Scottish spray, sauna and steam rooms. You won’t even want to deal with weight machines and treadmills while you are at Greenbrier because there are options like golf, croquet, tennis, white-water rafting, skeet shooting, riding and even a falconry class. There’s nothing like a great getaway to get some time to yourself or with your significant other and it’s the perfect way to relieve the stress that you’ve been building up with work, kids, weddings or whatever else has had you on the constant move. Take some time to pamper yourself and visit a great spa to get that much needed rest and relaxation. There are many more, but these are some of the top spa options in the United States. Image by Dennis Wong on Flickr

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